Spring Break Prep!

PENZONE Innovation Team 04.15.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

The time has come: the trees are turning green, the sun is shining + we no longer need to wear 12 layers to leave the house! Spring's arriving and we have all the tips + tricks to get you feeling ready for the warm weather.

all the lashes.

Lash Lifts are the perfect springtime treat. There’s no need to worry about your mascara running when you decide to take a dip in the pool or a float in the ocean. The Elleebana Lifting System makes your lashes look longer, thicker + fuller after only 45 minutes. We use a gentle process to lift your lashes from the base so they stay curled & fluffy for 8 weeks (starting at $75!) Game officially changed. And what about the color that mascara brings? Pro tip: Add a Lash Tint + skip the mascara! You’ll feel like you’re ready for the day the moment you wake up.

The lash lifting process is completely safe, not only your lashes, but your eyes as well. The product is vegan and doesn’t use traditional perm solution chemicals. Lash lifts also don’t “grow out.” They wear off over time so that the lashes go back to their original placement. Virtually everyone can benefit from a lash lift. Give yourself a little ‘me time’ and book your appointment today! 

bring on the brightness.

Blonde Hair

I don’t know what it is, but getting your hair brightened during the warmer months just feels right. Whether it’s highlights, a balayage, or going for a bright + fun all-over-color it’s just fun to switch it up with the seasons! Wanting to go brighter but don’t know which service is right for you? Let us break it down:

Balayage: A French technique using hand painted highlights to achieve a seamless blend of color.

Highlights (full/partial): With a full head of multi-dimensional color applied, your look will be enhanced to add depth + shine!

Adding a Money Piece: A face framing highlight to give the impression of overall brightness around your face. This is perfect for someone who wants a little brightness, but doesn’t want to commit all of their hair being lighter.

Fashion Color: A fun way to spice up your look is with a fashion shade. Pink, purple, you name it, we’ll do it – just book a consultation so we can get started on your dream hair! 

Hair feeling a little dry after the winter months? We’ve got you. We have multiple treatments for you to chose from to keep that hair silky + shiny — K18, Olaplex, Fibre Clinix + more

it’s pedicure time!

CBD products

Open toe shoes = time to get those toenails painted! Heading somewhere warm for a spring vacation? It’s pedi time! Even if you aren’t vacationing, take time to give a little love to your feet. They deserve it! Sometimes life starts to feel a little crazy+ we forget to take time for ourselves. The perfect solution: unwind with a CBD + Crystal Pedicure. It’s the perfect way to go the extra mile for yourself and give those toes some self-love.

protect + skin prep.

After an Ohio winter, it’s natural to feel a little pale. Get into the spring spirit with Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads. It’s an easier alternative to tanning mousses + serums. It’s a simple wipe that goes over your entire body to give you that sun-kissed glow – I mean it’s just that easy. Planning on getting some Vitamin D outside? Make sure to grab some sunscreen and keep your skin protected! Dr. Dennis Gross has the perfect lightweight solution at SPF 30, the All Physical Microfine Body Spray.

Or have you totally skipped the sunscreen and found yourself in a bit of a sunburn situation? We’ve all been there. No need to fear, book a Premier Custom Facial to bring all the moisture back to your skin. It will revitalize + renew the skin especially with the complimentary mask add-on at the end for that extra boost of hydration. On top of that it is an 1 1/2 hours of pure relaxation – and who wouldn’t want that?

Regardless of what your plans are this spring – it’s about taking time out of your busy schedule to feel relaxed + renewed. Whether it’s grabbing a retail product or booking a service, do something for YOU!