PENZONE Innovation Team

It’s time to get waxed + massaged.

PRAISE! We’re finally there, friends! We made the call to take a brief pause before opening these services. But without further ado, the time is finally here! Our protocols are in place + our team is ready to roll Monday, June 1st with skin care + massage services! continue

PENZONE Innovation Team

PENZONE Health + Safety Standards

Your next visit with us is going to be a little different. You know what? That’s okay. After the stay at home rollercoaster we’ve all been on for the last seven weeks, it’s okay that it’s going to be different so long as mops can be chopped and nails can be polished. (Can we get an AMEN?!) continue

Licensed Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.20.2020

Quarantine Skin Care Routine: Zoom Sesh

Four weeks into social distancing, we hosted a live zoom sesh to give our guests a little inspiration. Maybe you've found yourself without your favorite product, furrier than normal, or MAYBE you're even thinking about how you can glow up during quarantine.

If you missed the live opportunity, we got you covered. Take a watch here to learn about some of the basics you can do to take care of your skin. continue


PODCAST: Show Your Roots

Our artists share at-home tips and tricks to take care of your hair, skin, and nails + we will share our quarantine initiative: #showyourroots. continue


PODCAST: Myths of Being Human with Brandi Lust

Brandi Lust shares how we can create organizations that facilitate connection and practical tools for bringing more mindfulness into every aspect of our lives, even if we only have a few minutes. continue

PENZONE Innovation Team

Share The Self-Care.

Self-care is always a priority in our book -- and especially now with the whirlwind we’re all going through. Watch a few self-care videos for a little inspiration at home! continue