PODCAST: Make Your Brows Pop with Elleebana Lash + Brow Services

PENZONE Podcast 06.28.2021

PENZONE estheticians, Melody and Sophia, talk about the new lash and brow services by Elleebana now offered in our Ohio beauty salons.

Summer’s arrived, and PENZONE Salon + Spa is unleashing a diverse portfolio of fabulous services. As we’re all craving connection again, we thought eyes – the windows to our soul – would be a perfect place to start! 

In this week’s episode, you’ll hear from Melody and Sophia, who are offering Elleebana’s fantastic lash and brow services right here in Dublin, OH. 

They explain why high-volume lashes and voluptuous brows are here to stay, the benefits and safety of temporary lash treatments, and why the lash lift is the perfect entry point for more elaborate services. I just finished a lash lift treatment for myself, and I’m already so pleased with the noticeable difference. I can’t wait to showcase my carefree lashes to the world.

Trust me: this is the perfect beauty treatment to get you into the summer groove! 


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