JetPeel: Needleless Microneedling + Botox Alternative

Melody Kuck Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.4.2022
Melody Kuck
Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.4.2022

If you hear the phrase “JetPeel” and think, “isn’t that Elon Musk’s new rocket thing?” you’d be wrong but not far off the mark. JetPeel is in fact a revolutionary skin care service that harnesses the power of jet technology in order to make your skin glowy, clearer and younger looking WITH ZERO DOWNTIME. Yes, dear reader, you heard that correctly!

For a cliff’s notes summary of JetPeel, take a watch:

already convinced? let’s waste no time!


But, if you need a little more intel, keep on reading!

about jetpeel, now available at PENZONE!

JetPeel technology was invented by an actual rocket scientist. Let that sink in. Originally created for wound healing, this technology worked wonders on healing the skin from burns and the like. Added bonus, the skin NEAR the wound looked amazing. Fast forward a few decades, JetPeel was born.

So precisely what does JetPeel do? Super fine streams of highly pressurized air, when applied to the skin, creates micro-channels that enable the delivery of ingredients to the deeper layers. Science right!? The best part of this whole process is that no needles, no incisions, no wounding of the skin is involved (read as: needlefree microneedling). The handpiece never actually touches the skin. Will wonders never cease!? All you experience is cool air and micronized liquid gently caressing your skin to be its best self.

three signature steps of jetpeel.

A view of the JetPeel hydrating solution + patented handpiece.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the service itself. First your professional will perform a lymphatic drainage massage with a solution that includes aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Simply put, your lymphatic system rids your body of toxins and foreign invaders. Using long, flowing motions in a specific pattern, excess fluid is drained away from the face, neck and décolleté. This process sculpts the jaw and cheekbones while flushing the sluggish lymph fluid to increase the skin’s overall glow. YES TO ALL.

JetPeel’s signature dimple shows the exfoliation step, where the skin is cleared of dirt + debris.

Next, is the exfoliation step. I know that word can give anxiety worse than the Sunday scaries. This part is as gentle or aggressive as you (and your professional) decide. Whether you’re dealing with acne, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation (dark spots), exfoliation is a necessity. It not only removes dead skin and debris from the surface, exfoliation preps your skin for absorption of the delish-ness that is whichever serum you need or want (desire desperately) in the next step. At the risk of repeating myself, did I mention there’s still no downtime?

At PENZONE, we offer six services with completely customized infusions to address most all skin conditions.

Infusion. Exactly like it sounds, JetPeel uses those handy micro channels to push
innovative ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin, thereby making them more effective. Dealing with post-Winter dryness? Wide range Hyaluronic will make your skin juicy and give it some extra firming to keep everything high and tight. Need an overall boost? Growth Factor infusion will make your skin act bigger, faster, stronger,; just like it did when you were 22! Botox needles making you nervous? Already LOVE Botox (same girl, same) and want to make it last longer? Argireline Complex contains a peptide that mimics the effects of Botox. Acne, sensitivity and yes, even Rosacea can benefit from a customized JetPeel. Completely customizable, every time. And again, say it with me, zero downtime!

types of jetpeel services at PENZONE:

See our lineup for six FABULOUS services designed to help nearly every skin type RIGHT HERE. If you’re interested in an introductory service, we’d recommend the JetPeel Express!

jetpeel: available at a PENZONE Salon + Spa near you!

JetPeel is best done in a series of six treatments. Once a week for six weeks or get fancy and do them twice per week for three weeks. Pick your poison. We’ve even created a special series to give you a little extra ooomph to go for the gold and complete all six. After that, monthly maintenance treatments will keep your skin in top top shape. (And back to that series really quickly — it’s basically a free service — buy 5, get the 6th on us!)

Regardless of your personal skin care concerns, JetPeel is a hero. Do yourself (and your skin) a solid – try a JetPeel.