Mazz Hanna CBD + Crystal Manis + Pedis

Mazz Hanna 04.12.2021
Mazz Hanna

Elevate your mani + pedi experience by adding a CBD element in for total relaxation.

meet mazz hanna.

It all started with the Crystal Healing ManicureTM. I became known in L.A. for an exclusive treatment that blended energy work with nail care. First, I would do a chakra assessment of my clients. Based on their energetic needs, I would make custom blended skincare products. They were infused with crystals and essential oils based on each individual. From there, I went to my client’s home, create a sacred space, and gave them a fully customized treatment with the products that I created, with the finishing touch being a crystal applied to their nails.

This exclusive treatment began getting the attention of beauty editors and celebrities. Before long, people wanted to buy the products that I lovingly created, which ultimately led to the Mazz Hanna brand being born. My goal all along was to make as many people as possible feel their best while getting nails services. The next natural step for me was to create a full line of CBD + Crystal infused products for everyone to enjoy, so I did!

cbd + crystal mani + pedi.

The Mazz Hanna CBD + Crystal Mani + Pedi (now available at PENZONE!) is a luxurious treatment. It infuses a thoughtful selection of crystals and CBD throughout each step. It is a complete mind, body, and soul treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

First you’ll begin with a soak in bath fizz, a fine arctic mineral salt, you’ll breathe in lavender and frankincense aromatherapy as relaxation washes over you. A pure blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils and 100mg of CBD is applied to the neck, and the slight tingling sensation will help melt away stress. Clarity mist, an organic lavender flower water, is spritzed into the air, offering healing + anti-inflammatory benefits.

After an exfoliating scrub, the nails + cuticles will be impeccably manicured. Then, more magic happens as a warmed rose quartz stone will be used to massage the arms (or legs + feet during a pedicure) with a body melt infused with a soothing combination of shea butter and essential oils. This is specifically bended for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation. A spritz of magic mist containing willow bark extract will work synergistically to reduce inflammation while a blend of essential oils offer a deep dose of aromatherapy to leave you calm and relaxed. All while being wrapped in warm towels. The service is finished off with the polish of your choice, and an application of cuticle oil containing a nourishing blend of organic jojoba and hempseed oils and Vitamin E to promote optimal nail health and growth.

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Do you want to experience the ultimate relaxing mani or pedi service? Let’s get you booked! This service is available with gel, dip or traditional polish, so we can keep your nails looking just way you like them. Now it’s time to sit back + relax, because we know you deserve a little me-time.