2022 Trends: Hair. Makeup. Nails.

PENZONE Innovation Team 01.7.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

New Year, Best YOU! Our PENZONE Pros pulled together the hottest hair, makeup + nail trends for 2022.

new year, new hair!Trend: Straight hair vs. natural curly hair

A new year equals everyone wanting change and to be their healthiest self. This includes their hair. Big chops and dramatic color shifts prove 2022 is the year of healthy change. One hair trend that’s dominating the rest is going brunette. Give your locks a break from all the lightener, transitioning to darker leaves your hair shiny and heathy. Chocolate, chestnut, + ebony hues will be the trend setters this year! Not ready to go to the dark side? The 2021 low maintenance rooted//shadow blonde is being replaced in 2022 by the double processed blonde. This highlight + color will create the perfect buttery blonde guaranteed to turn heads.

The best way to achieve healthy hair is to cut off compromised ends. Making big chops is a must in 2022. The bixie, bob, shag, and heavily layered cuts are this years hottest looks. What about bangs? They aren’t going anywhere! The wispy, curtain, and longer grown out bangs are still on trend.

Straight, sleek hair is making its debut for 2022. Shiny, healthy hair is in, and the best way to showcase your perfectly manicured locks is to leave them straight. Want it off your neck? Try a slicked back pony or braid with tendrils. We can’t forget our curly girls, custom hand-painted highlights will be the it look for 2022. Another style trend guaranteed to get your hair in top notch shape is natural texture. You can give the flat iron and curling wands a break, 2022 is all about embracing your natural texture — and thanks to all your new layers, it’s easily achieved — air dry and fly!

Jordan | Senior Director at PENZONE Gahanna/New Albany

natural makeup looks are here to stay!

Heading into the new year, trends are always important to stay on top of. Makeup in the new year is minimal, but still packs a punch.  BB + CC creams are at the top of the list! Light coverage for your base, for the “no makeup” makeup look is here to stay! Healthy glass-like skin is the go-to-trend for most people today. Throw out the full coverage and get into a much lighter skin-like texture + appearance… especially through the colder months! 

A nice lip gloss, clear or colored, is a staple for your lips. Pair it with some mascara + a bushy, fluffy brow, and you’ve got yourself a perfect, easy everyday makeup routine! Now, back to that bushy brow– brow gels paired with a brow lamination from your favorite esthetician is a match made in heaven.  Full, healthy brows are here! 

Now let’s start at the beginning– skincare. For you to get the perfect makeup look you’re going for, it needs to lay on a smooth, untextured surface. Exfoliation is key! Stock up on your favorite peel pads or other exfoliators to make sure that dry skin doesn’t stick around, causing makeup to look caked on. Need some assistance from a PENZONE pro? A perfect service for this would be a facial paired with a dermaplane treatment— this will help with dry skin, vellace hair + product absorption! You’ll leave your appointment with beautiful, glowy + dewy skin!

A rounded out skincare regimen is key through the winter months along with consistent facials to help with the texture + dryness that the winter brings! This year is going to be all about celebrating your natural beauty, radiant skin + full healthy looking brows! So get those services set up, find your perfect gloss, brow gel, mascara + book with favorite esthetician to get the new year started right!

Tyler | Esthetician + Makeup Artist at PENZONE Dublin


Trend: Bright Blue Nails with a Silver Glitter nail

Nail trends change so quickly, so we’re here to steer you in the right direction for 2022! Here are some things trending in the new year:

Reflective Glitter Polish: Who doesn’t love a glitter nail look every once in a while? Use it as an accent or go bold and cover every finger with it! Want the scoop on traditional glitter vs reflective glitter? Traditional glitter is typically more sheer with multiple sized glitter pieces, suspended in clear polish. Reflective glitter is a uniformed + opaque glitter that looks best under sunlight or the light on your phone.

Vertical Swirls: 2021 was the year of the swirl, we think the 2022 trend will continue to incorporate the swirl design but in a vertical direction. Last year the swirls were more relaxed and went in sideways and horizontal directions; this year, we predict the vertical direction will cause the nail to look elongated and classic with a little flair!

Short + Medium Length: We think short and medium length nails are making a comeback! Time to cut down the long nails and go for a more natural look. 

Square Shape: Last year we saw a lot of round and almond shaped nails. This year we’re noticing much sharper angles! You can never go wrong with a classic square nail.

Geometric Shape Designs: While we love the swirls and are so glad they’re sticking with us in 2022, sharp angles are also a hot commodity. Geometric shapes and line work are making their way into the art scene and we are loving it!

Bright colors + Pastels: Move over neutrals, pastels are coming through. The brighter and more lively the better! Adding a pop of color on your nails is an easy way to add a little something extra to your everyday look.

Metallics: If pastels and bright colors aren’t your thing, don’t fret, 2022 is bringing in the metallics for you! Use coppers, silvers and golds to accessorize your look and add a little futuristic flair.

Luna | Nail Artist at PENZONE Gahanna/New Albany

We can’t wait to see what else 2022 has in store. Come on in and let your favorite PENZONE Pros spruce up your look for the new year!