2020 Top Trends

PENZONE Innovation Team 01.7.2021
PENZONE Innovation Team

While much of 2020 may have been spent masked up + socially distant, that didn't keep our artists from doing what they do best - Improving lives from the outside in. Take a read to see the biggest trends that came out of 2020!

curly girls.

Calling all curly girls! It’s (always) your time to shine. 🌟 This year was all about embracing what you were born with. One pro to staying home more was less heat + more time to truly learn the ins + out of your natural texture. This is a trend that we’re oh-so looking forward to continuing in 2021.

microblading magic.

Being masked up all year long drew mega attention to everyone’s brows, so we’ve seen more + more microblading magic going down. Need the inside scoop on this service? Microblading is a technique of semi-permanent makeup that improves or creates brow definition. Our service includes a full consultation + a complimentary touchup within 6-8 weeks. We’ve got you!


Aprés Gel-X is the first + only soft gel nail extension system. With no filling, no dust + no damage to your natural nails, it’s easy to see why this service has become so popular. Plus – they look picture perfect!

red hot.

Copper red, classic red, fiery red — you name it! We saw it all + loved it all last fall.

major transformations.

From cuts to colors, major transformations were IN this year. We watched you go from blonde to brunette, make that cute chop or even add some blunt bangs.


Warm blondes, cool blondes + all blondies in between. We loved seeing all of the dimensional blondes that came out of 2020.

beautiful balayage.

Balayage made it’s debut a few years ago now + is here.to.stay. This color service is not only trendy as can be, but it’s low maintenance, too!

nail art.

When life gives you lemons… 🍋 We’ve LOVED watching you make your mani one of a kind by adding pretty pops of color + intricate artwork. Want to get yourself booked? Just schedule your mani + then add a Nail Art Add-On to your service. Voila!

fashion colors.

Peaches, pinks, purples + more rounded out the year. We were so happy every time we had a chance to give someone such a pretty, little, pick-me-up! ☀️

We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store! Follow along with us on IG to get the inside scoop.