Hair Like New.

Jordan Alexander Global director of Education/Sales for K18 Hair 07.7.2021
Jordan Alexander
Global director of Education/Sales for K18 Hair 07.7.2021

Looking to take your hair from good to great? Look no further - K18 gives every person their dream hair: smooth, silky, + strong.

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so what actually is k18?

K18 is a revolutionary line of products that utilizes biomimetic science to both strengthen and repair hair before and after chemical services.

is there anything on the market like it?

K18 is an entirely new category in haircare, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. We spent a decade scanning and testing all the amino acid sequences in the keratin genome, the building blocks of hair. Through this painstaking research we discovered the K18Peptide™. This biologically active peptide with a unique structure will brings damaged hair back to a like-new, youthful state.

how does k18 work?

If we look at hair under a microscope, the easiest visual comparison is to a bunch of interwoven / interconnected ladders, similar to a DNA helix. Anything we do to our hair, such as chemical services or thermal styling will break both the center rungs and the sides of the ladder. In the past, we had two superficial solutions to try and address hair damage. The first was cosmetic chemistry; covering the hair in oils, silicones and film formers to give the appearance of healthy hair, however underneath it was still damaged.

The second was bond builders which addresses the center rungs of the ladder by creating a temporary bridge. However, if I only fix the center rungs of a ladder and try to climb it, I’m going to have a very bad day. K18 first addresses the sides of the ladder (keratin / polypetide chains) and as a secondary result, the center rungs of the ladder (disulfide bonds) also reconform.

K18 goes further and farther than any other product that has ever been available through the use of biomimetics. Biomimetics means we mimic what happens in nature or how hair is naturally formed.

why stylists love k18.

Simplicity, speed and results. As a colorist, it provides results in as little as 4 or 8 minutes without having to complicate what we are doing. You simply treat the hair with the K18 Mist prior to any chemical service. This makes the hair strong enough to withstand anything. Then use the mask immediately after to repair any damage that may have occurred. The mask can also be used by itself as a reparative treatment with no chemical services both in-salon and at home.

who’s a great candidate to use/purchase k18?

Everybody! The idea of virgin hair is a myth, every person has varying degrees of hair damage. For those with healthier hair, K18 can be used to maintain strength. For those with damaged hair, K18 is the ultimate in repair.

what are its benefits to color-treated/heated hair?

Both color treated / thermal styled hair are damaged in the same way; breakage of the polypeptide / keratin chains and disulfide bonds. By integrating K18 to your color or lightener service, you’re able to maintain the integrity of hair, allowing hair to be pushed farther and lighter than ever before. I specialize primarily in fashion colors and platinum blondes and this has made a dramatic difference for every single one of my clients! As for thermal damage, we all have those clients that love to go home, crank their flat irons up to 450 degrees and BBQ their hair. K18 makes a dramatic impact in offsetting damage from excessive heat. As a tip, you still want to utilize your favorite heat protectant, applying it after the K18 mask.

how does k18 accomplish those benefits?

K18 accomplishes both strengthening and repair through the use of our patented peptide. This peptide is entirely unique to K18. If we think of all 1242 decapeptides that we scanned and tested, they are basically like puzzle pieces. We tried every single amino acid combination until we landed on the one that seamlessly integrated into the hair.

how does one use k18 at home?

At-home use of K18 is extremely simple. Shampoo (skip conditioner), towel dry, apply K18 Mask and let it sit for 4 minutes. You don’t have to rinse K18 so after the 4 minutes you can style or air dry. At home, you will use K18 for the first 4-6 shampoos after a chemical service to repair your hair to the optimal level. From there, you can switch to maintenance mode, using the Mask every 3rd or 4th shampoo. For myself, it has entirely replaced conditioner at home. K18 can be used every single time you wash your hair without worry of overuse. I personally love the way my hair feels without having to load heavy products onto it!

can i try it?

Yes! We will start selling the leave-in molecular repair hair mask in the salons on July 20th. If you’re interested in trying the product before you buy, book any hair service at any PENZONE location July 20th-July 26th and receive a FREE K18 mist + mask included in your service! Book today to secure your spot and try this brand new revolutionary product.

If you can’t make it to the salon that week, no worries! Add K18 on to any blowout, cut and color after July 26th. Just mention to you hair artist that you’d like to add it on and it will be accommodated within the service time already slated for your appointment! If you can’t wait to get into the salon buy now on our online retail site