Brilliant, Beautiful Balayage.

Lauren Hair Professional | Director 06.14.2016
Hair Professional | Director 06.14.2016

Read up on what exactly Balayage is and how it can help you achieve that Pinterest-worthy look you LOVE!

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French, freehand technique that allows for a sun-kissed, natural looking hair color (who doesn’t want that!). The color is painted directly into the hair and is placed throughout to add depth and dimension. Say bye-bye to foils. After the color is applied, the hair is wrapped in a plastic wrap to allow it to process.

Is balayage right for you?

Anyone can get balayage! It does tend to look best on hair that has some texture and is able to be curled. By curling the hair, the highs and lows of the color shine through for a gorgeous look! This way of styling will really make the color POP.

The same guest with her balayage styled curly + straight.

The same guest with her balayage styled curly + straight.

Tell me the benefits of balayage.

Balayage is a completely customized service. During a consultation with your stylist, you’ll discuss your wants and needs. Pinterest pics are always a good idea! If you have an inspiration photo, it’ll help us discuss the steps (and yes, sometimes multiple, consecutive visits) you’ll need to do to achieve the look you love!

I need this! How can I schedule?

Book a consultation with me, or any of other professionals who have been trained to give our guests balayage!

To find a professional who offers balayage at a salon near you, check our our FIND YOUR MATCH tool here. Choose COLOR under the “needs” header and HIGHLIGHTS under “service.”

When you schedule your service, be absolutely SURE to schedule the Balayage, Ombre + Cut option. We need a little extra time to ensure that color placement is just so!

Balayage Match Tool


Here’s to a brilliant, beautiful balayage!