New: FIBRE CLINIX Hair Repair!

Zoey Pearson Director Hair Artist 09.20.2021
Zoey Pearson
Director Hair Artist 09.20.2021

FIBRE CLINIX is the most advanced + powerful hair repair, customized for transformative results. Read more about our new service + product collections!

With our exciting transition to fall, we’re thrilled to bring an amazing line up of products + a new service in. The FIBRE CLINIX Hair Repair Add On is aimed to target your primary hair needs in a customized deep conditioning treatment regimen created by your Hair Artist. Your hair artist has a variety of options to choose from while professionally mixing boosters into your personal treatment to target hair needs, replenish hydration, extend color vibrancy, and clinically bring your hair back to its most youthful state. This service can be added to any color, haircut, or blowout/thermal style service for $26!

tell me more about the fibre clinix hair repair add on.

FIBRE CLINIX harnesses cutting-edge science with customization. It’s powered by Triple Bonding + C21 Technology, which reconstructs the hair surface and connects inner hair bonds to target inner and outer hair damage to meet every guest’s hair needs.

who is a candidate for the fibre clinix hair repair add on service? 

This customizable treatment is great for all hair types, because of its large range of mixable options to target your specific needs determined in the consultation. The treatment is guaranteed to provide up to 90% less hair breakage, color vibrancy, as well as 48 hour benefits of moisture, anti-frizz, and strength.

how long does the service take? 

We’ll just add 15 minutes to your service! After your consultation, your hair will be cleansed with Tribond Shampoo, a customized treatment will be applied combining the Tribond Treatment + Booster, then hair will be rinsed after 5-10 minutes. The rest of the benefits of the treatment are in the customizable take home options! 

should I change my at home regimen? 

To receive the promised results, your artist will adjust your home regimen to incorporate the FIBRE CLINIX shampoo, conditioner + more!

tell me more about these take home products.

Your hair artist will determine exactly which products you need to take home to treat your hair! Here’s a look at the collections + who they’re best suited for.


For color treated hair.


For damaged + over-processed hair.


For dry + brittle hair.


For coarse, frizzy + unmanageable hair.


For fine + weak hair.

Scoop up your new favorite retail products at any PENZONE Salon + Spa location, but first, be sure to schedule our new FIBRE CLINIX Hair Repair Add On with me! Just give us a call at 614.418.5350 to get scheduled. See ya soon!