K18 Roundup

Megan Davidson Marketing Manager 08.9.2021
Megan Davidson
Marketing Manager 08.9.2021

It's no secret that our PENZONE team has been trying out K18's new products and LOVING them. Interested to see if there are actual results? Take a peek of our very own artists testing it out on their guests!

so what is k18?

K18 is a revolutionary line of products that utilizes biomimetic science to both strengthen and repair hair before and after chemical services.

why our stylists love k18.

Simplicity, speed and results. As a colorist, it provides results in as little as 4 or 8 minutes without having to complicate what we are doing. You simply treat the hair with the K18 Mist prior to any chemical service. This makes the hair strong enough to withstand anything. Then use the mask immediately after to repair any damage that may have occurred. The mask can also be used by itself as a reparative treatment with no chemical services both in-salon and at home.

who’s a great candidate to use/purchase k18?

Everybody! The idea of virgin hair is a myth, every person has varying degrees of hair damage. For those with healthier hair, K18 can be used to maintain strength. For those with damaged hair, K18 is the ultimate in repair.

can i try it?

Add K18 on to any hair service that includes a shampoo at PENZONE, just book your appointment, today!  Or, let your Hair Artist know to add on the service – no extra time needed! If you can’t wait to get into the salon, scoop your K18 Repair Mask up at online retail site shoppenzone.com or find it on the retail shelves at any of our salon locations. Here’s to happy, healthy hair!