Shampoo Game, Strong.

Daphne Designer | Hair Innovation Team 05.7.2018
Designer | Hair Innovation Team 05.7.2018

Our new Shampoo Enhancement Menu gives you so many options to achieve happy, healthy hair!

Are you ready to have strong + shiny, healthy hair? In as little as three to fifteen minutes, our new hair masks are applied right at the shampoo bowl – after a recommendation from your favorite hair artist – of course!

There’s no need to book these ahead of your appointment. These babies can be added right at the bowl in no extra time. Interested? Learn more about what we have to offer!



These five masks can be used alone – or together – to personalize each and every experience. Your hair will be healthier, shiner and softer than ever before in just 10 minutes or less! While you condition, your hair will be wrapped in the cutest little hair wrap while you get conditioned. What’s even better? These pocket-sized masks can be purchased at any of our salon locations so you can continue to show your hair the love – even from the home front.


The Quick Fix Circle

In a hurry – this is the PERFECT mask for you! This treatment hydrates and detangles the hair in only three minutes! The end result – beautifully shiny, soft and manageable hair.


The Spotlight Circle

Perfect for just before a blow-out, this 10 minute mask will help your hair shine like never before.


The Renaissance Circle

If you like to straighten or curl your hair – this mask is just what your hair needs. In 10 minutes, your hair will shine and be remarkably soft.


The Wakeup Circle

Are you a busy bee? This mask will give your hair a new bounce and that always-wanted volume in just 10 minutes. BONUS: this mask contains Rhodiola extract – an ingredient that will help you rebalance and destress. Conquer the world AND have good hair!


The Purity Circle

Who doesn’t love a good detox? This mask contains bamboo charcoal which helps free your hair from pollution and heavy metals – all in 10 minutes.




What to reduce shedding and hair loss and promote faster growing hair? In just 15 minutes and two easy steps, you can! Zenagen Evolve Treatment, used only three days a week, will accelerate hair growth while repairing dry, broken follicles. Your hair will be stronger and shinier than ever before!




In a three-step, customized treatment, the moisture, volume and strength of your hair can be boosted in just 15 minutes!



If your hair is exposed to harsh chemicals or excessive heat, this treatment is perfect for you! In two steps, the hair will be ready again for a color service. This treatment can be used every two days and only takes 15 minutes to reap the benefits!


Interested in getting your hair back to that amazing, healthy state? Your hair artist can make the perfect recommendation for your specific hair needs.


And to schedule yours? Just chat with your pro at the bowl. It’s as easy as that. Healthy hair can be yours.