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L’ANZA was introduced to the beauty industry as one of the first professional haircare brands specifically designed to address individual hair needs. Using the proprietary Keratin Bond System, L’ANZA is able to target the causes of hair damage, not just the symptoms. L’ANZA heals, seals, and protects hair all around the world.

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Lines We Carry

Keratin Healing Oil

The KERATIN HEALING OIL Collection contains next generation Keratin Protein, to heal damage and boost strength from the inside out.

Healing ColorCare

Healing ColorCare Collection Extends Haircolor Up To 107% longer by using L'ANZA's remarkable Flower Shield Complex to preserve hair color longer.

Healing Curls

Healing Curls adds spring and bounce to curly hair, while eliminating frizz.

Healing Moisture

Healing Moisture blends rare and exotic moisturizing botanicals from Polynesia with advanced healing action to provide optimal hydration for dry hair.

Healing Nourish

Healing Nourish contains advanced Anagen 7 System to promote fuller-looking hair.

Healing Pure

Healing Pure is an innovative haircare system that thoroughly clarifies and replenishes.

Healing Remedy

Healing Remedy contains natural, scalp-balancing botanicals to restore complete scalp wellness, while it heals the hair.

Healing Smooth

Healing Smooth makes hair exceptionally smooth and glossy, stopping frizz and adding a brilliant shine.

Healing Strength

Healing Strength Collection contains the CP Anti Aging Complex with potent antioxidants to reverse the signs of aging, restoring strength and shine.

Haaling Volume

Healing Volume combines Silica-rich Bamboo with the Keratin Healing System to dramatically boost volume and thickness to fine, thin, flat hair.

Healing Style

Healing Style formulations contain a brilliant blend of advanced technology and natural ingredients to create and maintain fashionable hair designs.