It’s Back! L’anza Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!

Mika Hair Professional | Director 03.1.2017
Hair Professional | Director 03.1.2017

These products are perfect for Spring, and now, when you buy two, you’ll get one free. Read on to see a few faves!

Oh, Springtime! When I think of Spring, it’s all about budding flowers, brighter colors and a time for a little refresh. A few staple updates to our wardrobes are a common thing, but believe it or not, with the weather change we should be updating our product routine, too. It just so happens that all products below are part of our L’ANZA Retail Sale that runs the entire month of March! Read on for the scoop on these great products, how to use them, and how they’ll benefit your beauty this Spring!

Starting with a foundation of shampoo and conditioner is key.

April showers bring flowers, and yes – rain and often humidity. Curly girls, you know what’s coming — your hair is about to get curlier (eek!) Don’t fret –  be prepared! I recommend L’ANZA Healing Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Now ladies, if you like to wear your curls, don’t let the name of the product fool you. This powerful little pair will tame your frizz and keep your curl under control without it going limp or straight. If a straight look is what your going for, L’ANZA‘s Healing Smoother Straightening Balm is a go-to for your blowout. Once the hair is clean, use the balm to help smooth the hair and protect it from heat, too.


If pumping up the volume is a priority for you this spring, the L’ANZA Healing Volume line is your pick. For your routine, start with the foundation of volume shampoo and conditioner. Once clean, use Healing Volume Zero Weight Gel. This product has an ingredient called mica (my favorite, my name is Mika after all) that may look like glitter, but it packs way more punch! Mica will go inside the hair cuticle and swell the hair to thicken from the inside out. The result? You’ll get that full, voluminous look you’re after. And, BONUS – Healing Volume Zero Weight Gel will also act as a heat protector.


Still feeling the ever-dreaded winter dryness? L’ANZA Healing Moisture or L’ANZA Healing Strength Shampoo and Conditioner will be your go to. Both lines are designed with healing and strengthening in mind. If you feel that shine is lacking in your hair, use L’ANZA Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum wet or dry. Not only with the shine be like glass, you’ll have heat protection and the smell is delightful.


Last but not least, with spring comes vacation season! If you’re jetting off to a beach, grab a bottle of L’ANZA Healing Color Preserving Magic Bullet. Just like the above, use the color preserving shampoo and conditioner then follow with the L’ANZA Healing Color Preserving Magic Bullet wet or dry. This product works wonders as a detangler. And, if your hair is color treated, the product will seal and shield your color from the sun. Put this is your beach bag, grab that piña colada and enjoy the sunshine!

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Pick up this deal from now until March 31, 2017. Find the PENZONE Salon + Spa location nearest you!

Update: This promotion has now ended.