Dermaplane: The Skincare Secret

PENZONE Innovation Team 03.1.2019
PENZONE Innovation Team

You've heard the buzzword, but what is dermaplaning? Is it for everyone? Let me fill you in on this little secret to silky smooth skin!


what is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a professional exfoliation and hair removal treatment. Your esthetician uses the flat “plane” of a scalpel to gently scrape the top layer of dead cells away from the surface of the skin. The treatment will also remove vellus hairs, commonly called peach fuzz, and leave your skin silky smooth and radiant!


Dermaplane, Facial, Skincare, Hair Removal, Exfoliation


what kind of results can I expect?

A dermaplane treatment on its own will result in soft, smooth, and luminous skin. You’ll notice immediate improvements in texture and clarity, and your makeup will glide on like never before! But for the BEST results combine it with our other targeted treatments to boost the efficacy of your professional treatment AND your products at home!


what about the hair?

Part of the appeal of a dermaplane treatment is the removal of fine facial hair. Unlike waxing or threading, the hair is not removed from the root, and will continue to grow back at its normal pace. Hair will NOT grow in faster, darker, or thicker, however!


how often can I get a dermaplane treatment?

Dermaplaning is a perfect monthly boost to your skincare routine. Whether you are sneaking in a service on your lunch break, or pairing it with a luxurious Premier Custom Facial, you will love the look and feel of your skin!


what are the side effects of a dermaplane treatment?

There is NO downtime after a treatment. In fact, you can combine this treatment with many of the facials and peels that we offer! Your esthetician can consult with you to determine the best treatment options for your skin care needs. Just make sure you are keeping up with your sun protection after your services. (Don’t worry, our retail selection has you covered there too!)


is there any reason I wouldn’t be able to get a dermaplane treatment?

It’s best to avoid this service if you have any active acne lesions or are using certain acne medicines. Consult with your esthetician to set up a treatment plan to help clear up your skin first. It’s also important to avoid waxing before the service so there’s no chance of over exfoliating.


Dermaplane, Facial, Skincare, Hair Removal, Exfoliation
how much does dermaplaning cost at PENZONE?

View our online service menu for current pricing on any of our skin services and estheticians who this service. Dermaplane services can be done in a room at our Gahanna/New Albany + Polaris locations or in the Beauty Zone at PENZONE Short North + Dublin.


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