THREADING: Four things you need to know now!

Melody Kuck Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.10.2018
Melody Kuck
Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 04.10.2018

Read up on the four things you need to know RIGHT NOW about threading!

If you’re a fan of keeping your eyebrows on fleek, you’ve probably heard of threading at some point. It looks quite magical when done by a skilled practitioner. But what sort of sorcery can make ordinary thread (the kind buttons are sewed on with) pull out hair…on your eyebrows? More of your favorite Penzone estheticians have been trained on this amazing technique. Considering giving this service a shot? Read up on the four things you need to know RIGHT NOW about threading!

1.  What EXACTLY is threading?

Threading is an ancient hair-removal technique that has been practiced for centuries in Asia and the Middle East. Threading is the best alternative to waxing, especially for sensitive skin, and is by far the least invasive method of facial hair removal. During this services, the practitioner takes a thin cotton thread and twists it into a double strand, which then is swept along the skin. The unwanted hairs are secured in the thread and lifted from the follicle. *insert magical unicorn harp sounds here*

Ok so that really does sound magical! Real talk though – it seems too easy – it HAS to hurt.

2.  How bad does threading hurt…really?

Having experienced every possible form of hair removal know to woman, I can safely say threading is no worse than waxing your brows. Ideally, the thread will slide smoothly over the skin picking up the hairs along the way. More sensitive skins can experience irritation and some pain. Every so often the thread can pinch the skin giving a bit more “zing” than normal – but totally tolerable. All in all, any irritation goes away very quickly and you’re left with the smooth skin you’re after.


3. …why do I care about threading?

Well, if you’ve been waxing your brows or other facial hair for years with no drama, keep doing what works for you. However, those of you who have experienced excessive irritation or the dreaded breakout from waxing, you’ll care about threading…big time! Nearly anyone can get threaded, even those using or taking any sort of prescription skin care products such as Accutane or Retin-A. Those are bold statements I know. Whether you’re super dry, acne prone or just generally sensitive, threading won’t pull or damage that delicate skin. This goes for your upper lip, sides of face and basically everywhere on your face as well.


4. Sounds good! But how often do I need to get threaded? Are my brows going to look funny growing in?

Negatory. Threading lasts just as long as waxing or tweezing. The thread pulls hair out from the root, which takes about 4 weeks to grow back. Threading can get all those teeny weeny hairs too, no weird regrowth.


Threading is quite precise business. Those brows will be well-defined and beautiful, just like that. *insert finger snap here.* CLICK HERE to book your threading services with one of our talented estheticians:


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