Microblading: Our Love Story.

Melody Kuck Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 01.14.2021
Melody Kuck
Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 01.14.2021

Truth time — I’m obsessed with eyebrows. Specifically, my own. BUT, as a working Esthetician, I’m obsessed with all eyebrows in general. That being said, the complaint I hear most often (myself included) is the amount of time it takes to get brows ‘on fleek’ each day.

So how does one get to fleek status on the daily with little to no effort? One word — MICROBLADING!

the scoop on microblading.

The technique involves a tattoo-like process where pigment is deposited into the top layer of your skin in hair-like strokes to give the effect of natural looking brow hairs. Microblading is perfect if you have sparse areas or overly plucked eyebrows that you want to appear fuller, and the result is a semi-permanent solution to ‘I woke up like this’ brows. With one service (and a touchup between), you’ll get 1-3 years of fabulousness from this little beauty investment.

A “tattoo like” process…sounds a little scary. Full transparency, we do as much as we can to make this service as pain-free as possible. A topical lidocaine cream is applied to numb the skin prior to the service as well as multiple times during the process. The whole process takes about two hours from consultation to finished brows. Most of that time is spent on consulting and paperwork, measuring for symmetry and shape (this is a crazy-detailed process), choosing or mixing the perfect shade, then more measuring…just to be sure. Microblading itself only takes an hour or so. About 6-8 weeks after the initial session, a “touch up” is required (and included in the initial service cost) to perfect the brows. This final step is critical to making sure you LOVE your brows.

Microblading Services at Charles Penzone

sign me up.

You’re probably thinking, “Sign me up… RIGHT NOW!” Yes, we can hear your excitement! But first, a few VERY IMPORTANT pre and post care items to address.

  1. It’s important to avoid alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen 24-hours prior to your appointment. These items thin the blood, making microblading trickier.
  2. For 10 days AFTER your microblading service, the brows cannot get wet. This means you’ll need to be super careful when showering. Don’t worry, this is what makeup cleaning pads are for. For a little while, you may need to put those hardcore workouts on hold. Excessive sweat may impact the results of your service so it’s best to stick with something that’s a little more low-intensity. Don’t worry – it’s just a few days.
  3. A few days after your service, your brows will become patchy and scabby…DON’T PANIC! This is totally normal. It’s super important that you don’t pick or scratch at the brows. Just let that healing process happen. After the brows have fully healed they’ll be amazing 24/7/365.

Time savings, less money spent on makeup, and perfect brows? Seems too good to be true. What’s the catch? Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for microblading. Pregnant or nursing women should wait until after they’ve delivered and/or finished nursing. Diabetics, hemophiliacs or anyone taking a blood thinner should not have microblading done. Pacemakers, viral infections/diseases (HIV, Hepatitis C) or Accutane users are not recommended for microblading as well.

Microblading Before and After at The Charles Penzone Salons

get scheduled.

I’d love to help beautify your brows. Check out my page to see more of my work.

But if you’re on another side of town, see the work of my amazing colleagues — All offering Microblading in the Columbus, Ohio area:

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