Our Fresh New Facial Menu

Melody Kuck Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 03.31.2017
Melody Kuck
Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 03.31.2017

We wanted you to be the first to know – our facial menu has undergone quite a refresh. Read on to learn more!

Like many of us, we inherently know that our facials should be included in our overall skincare regimen. The truth of the matter is that facials just make us feel better about our skin. Period.

“I wish I never got that facial,” – said no one EVER.

Through exfoliation and massage, facials help reduce fine lines, age spots, clean and relieve dehydrated skin. They slow the aging process – and let’s be honest – who doesn’t want that? Even moreso than that, facials benefit the body and the mind. (Are you convinced yet that you need to make time for one of these in your schedule? 😉 Thought so.)

For awhile now, we’ve felt that our three-page facial menu was a bit intimidating. So many choices, so little time. What it really comes down to is a consultation. From there, your skin care pro can get you set up with an entirely customized facial to address your skincare needs.

Fast-forward to today and now – as of April 3 – our facial menu has been refreshed! I’ve lead the charge and have worked with my team to put together three completely customizable facials for you, our fabulous guests. Without any further ado, read up on these amazing services, below:

Express Facial

This quick yet effective facial utilizes specially selected products for fast and visible results. After a cleanse and deep exfoliation, extractions will be performed as needed. Your esthetician will apply a customized booster-serum and moisturizer to complete this facial.

Signature Custom Facial

After a skin analysis, your esthetician will recommend a customized facial to address your skincare goals. Your skin will be deeply cleansed then exfoliated, and extractions will be performed as needed. A smoothing face, neck and shoulder massage will relax the body and mind. A custom mask and moisturizer will be applied leaving the skin feeling refreshed and restored.

Premier Custom Facial

Our premier experience begins with a skin analysis and consultation to uncover your skincare goals. A customized facial will revitalize and renew your skin. A soothing scalp massage an extended face, neck and shoulder massage will calm and relax tense muscles. A complimentary specialty mask will be applied, leaving the skin ultra-hydrated. This elevated experience will benefit the skin and the mind.

You may be thinking, “Oh no! I just LOVE that Age Corrective Facial,” or “Bummer, the Vitamin Firming Facial was my fave.” Fear not! Our completely customizable facials can pack the same punch as your old favorites. It’s all in the consultation. All you need to do is chat with us when you come in, and we’ll work our miracles, as we always do!

And one last thing, your favorite facial treatments like our Peels, Dermaplane and Microdermabrasion are still part of our facial offerings. If you’re unfamiliar with these services, head on over to our SERVICE MENU and learn more.

For your convenience, our three new facials can be scheduled right here on our website! Or, of course, via our guest service center at 614.418.5350. Now, for the sake of your skin, hop to it! We can’t wait to introduce you to our new facials. See you in the salons soon!

With love (and FAB skin) –