Enjoy beautifully smooth skin with our waxing and hair removal services at PENZONE Salons + Spas. Skip the hassle of at home hair removal. Avoid the high cost of laser hair removal. Even save yourself from razor irritation! Instead, leave the work to our skin experts. Our spa services can address unwanted hair on all areas of your body such as the face, legs, bikini line, arms, and more! Better yet, our estheticians and makeup artists are constantly trained on new techniques and practices, so that your hair removal service can be a comfortable and successful experience.

Waxing and Hair Removal Services at PENZONE Salons + Spas

– Chin Waxing – Arm Waxing
– Upper Lip Waxing – Back Waxing
– Eyebrow Waxing – Chest Waxing
– Side of Face Waxing – Bikini Waxing
– Full Face Waxing – Brazilian Waxing
– Underarm Waxing – Full Leg Waxing

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What is Waxing and What are the Benefits?

Waxing is a great way to remove targeted areas of your hair for a longer period of time than many traditional hair-removal techniques. This skin service first involves applying liquid wax to the specified area of the body. Then the hardened wax is removed, which takes the hair away simultaneously. Benefits of waxing include its ability to effectively remove large sections of hair at once. As a result, you leave our salon with silky smooth skin!

Threading Services Available in Columbus, Ohio:

– Eyebrow Threading – Eyebrow and Lip Threading
– Lip Threading – Eyebrow, Lip and Chin Threading
– Chin Threading – Full Face Threading

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What is Threading and What are the Benefits?

Threading is an ancient technique that originated in Asia. It has become popular as its advantages have become better known in the west. The practice involves using a fine thread to precisely remove hair on the face.

Some benefits of threading are that it allows for a more defined and precise shape in regards to hair removal. In addition, it provides slightly less skin irritation than traditional waxing techniques. This makes threading a wonderful alternative for guests with sensitive skin. However, threading is not effective at removing all over body hair, since the hair is typically too coarse.

Esthetician at PENZONE Salons + Spas are well trained in threading techniques, and will provide precise hair removal and eyebrow shaping to soften your look and smooth your skin.

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