The Beauty Zone Defined

Bryn Beauty Zone Artist 02.12.2019
Beauty Zone Artist 02.12.2019

Fall in love with the Beauty Zone.

Whether you’re a current PENZONE Dublin or Short North guest, or devoted to one of our other amazing salons, we want you to see all the Beauty Zone has to offer!

who’s the perfect fit for the beauty zone?

You are! Our Beauty Zone was designed for those on the go who still have beauty top-of-mind.

is the beauty zone just for makeup?

No way! While you will see us doing makeup here, you’ll also see us doing a handful of skincare services, too.

sooo, what services are available in the beauty zone?

Take a look at our menu! And, see my work + a few of our other Beauty Zone artists, below.

2019 Beauty Zone Menu


what’s the difference between beauty zone services + services in a spa room?

There are a few services that we like to whisk you off into one of our spa rooms to enjoy. Microblading, lash enhancements, brazilian bikini waxing— you get the drill.

i love it! i’m all about self-care. how do I get booked?

Click here to get scheduled!

Get your glow on!

<3 Bryn