Reduce Stress With Thai Massage

Brenda Licensed Massage Therapist 11.18.2016
Licensed Massage Therapist 11.18.2016

There’s nothing a little bending and moving can’t do to release tension and stress. Give a Thai Massage a try and discover its amazing benefits.

The holidays are a time of gatherings, parties and special events. Yes, most often these activities are fun and enjoyable. But let’s face it – with the holidays comes unnecessary pressure and stress that we put on ourselves. As it so happens, we have JUST the service to remind you about that can give you the relaxation and release you need to gear up for the hectic holidays.

Thai Massage has been used for thousands of years to naturally/holistically manage life’s aches, pains and stress. Even if you do not consider yourself flexible, everyone can benefit from a Thai Massage because this service is completely customized to your needs and flexibility level.

As a quick reminder, Thai massage is one of the world’s oldest forms of massage. This service incorporates massage, acupressure, energy work and stretching into one amazing service.

The Thai massage floor mat. Due to the nature of this service, clothing is worn. (NOTE TO SELF, bring non-restrictive, comfortable clothing when you schedule!) The service is also performed without any oil or lotion. The magic is all in the movements and techniques.p

Back to the reason for the season…the benefits. Here’s what a Thai Massage can do for you:

  • Helps you take the time to achieve that much-needed stretch
  • Can alleviate stiff muscles
  • Can reinvigorate your energy
  • Can help you achieve balance

On Black Friday, Friday, November 25th, enjoy a Thai Massage for 25% off! This offer is too good to pass up. Schedule your moments of rest and relaxation HERE.