Fight The Winter Blues with a Massage

Mary Senior Master Massage Therapist 01.24.2016
Senior Master Massage Therapist 01.24.2016

Give your body a boost with benefits! Read on to see how!

We’ve all been here before. As Winter sets in with shorter days and less sun, many of us feel the “Winter Blues” settle in. Winter Blues symptoms include withdrawal from social activities, oversleeping, and lack of energy and muscle aches and pains. It’s the cyclical “dark ages” that can really get us down.

As luck would have it, we have just the cure.

Massage isn’t just for relaxation. Massage can help boost your mental health by stimulating your autonomic nervous system by releasing endorphins throughout your body.

Massage also helps alleviate the physical discomfort you may experience from the Winter Blues.


Let’s Get Technical

A quick anatomy lesson: your autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathatic and parasympathetic systems. To get technical, the sympathetic system is considered fight or flight response. The parasyspathetic system stimulates the body to rest and digest. Massage is capable of affecting both systems helping to balance them accordingly — a win-win. Thus, this is scientifically proven to improve your winter blues!

Massages make you happy. It’s proven science.

During a massage, the body has an increase of seratonin and endorphins and a decrease of cortisol — the “stress” hormone.

Massage helps to balance out these hormones, allowing you to feel more uplifted and less stressed.

And while we’re at it … might we suggest an Aromatherapy Massage?

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