Microbeauty Moments

PENZONE Innovation Team 04.11.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

Services + products for skincare self-care now available at your fave salon + spa. Think at home quickies to incorporate into your routine + help you feel good in the skin you’re in!

hellooo hydrojelly masks.

Say hello to healthy + hydrated skin – the perfect addition to your skincare routine. This fun mask is available for retail in 5 different varieties: Luminous 24K Gold, Diamond Glow Boost, Skin Warrior Ageless, Intensive After Care + Antioxidant Goji. All with different, beautiful benefits.

This masks goes onto the skin like a liquid mask, then over 10-15 minutes it hardens up to come off in one totally aesthetic jelly-like piece. It’s cool to the touch so this is the perfect add-on for someone who maybe hit the sun for a *little* too long. 😉 The hydrojelly mask will also cover your lips to give them a little boost of hydration. So no chatting during your service, this is a time to totallllllllly relax and just enjoy a moment of silence.

One of our guests who recently enjoyed the mask said “Ugh, it smelled so fruity + delicious and left my skin feeling super hydrated.” She tried the Antioxidant Goji Mask (which seems to be a fan fave around here).

Try it as a new service add-on, or pick it up in your fave salon boutique shop, it is a total skincare must-have!

brows, lip + lash love.

Time to give your lips some love. Things we love about Tart Peach? Well, everything, but especially that they’re based right here in Columbus + that they’re known for their all natural ingredients. We carry their tints in BloomBeamBlushedSweet Beet + Burst! They’ll keep your lips and cheeks looking + feeling good. Bonus — there’s no plastic in these tubes, just eco-friendly 100% recyclable paperboard with an oil resistant barrier and a push-up bottom.

Are you looking for bigger + bolder lashes + brows? Grande Cosmetics had got you covered! They believe in living large + embracing your own natural features. And, so do we! Their powerful transformative serums helps give you all the confidence from the moment you wake up. We also brought in their mascara to give your lashes a little something *extra.* Here’s to feeling beautiful right at home with these DIY Natural Beauty Enhancers!

mask at home for hydration

LAPCOS has eyes + lip masks that you can do in the comfort of your home to give that extra boost of hydration! Nothing else says a self-care day, then doing your full skincare routine + adding these extra masks to give yourself a little extra love. We think you totally deserve it. Pick one up next time you are at your fave PENZONE location or snag a few online at shoppenzone.com.

We hope you take a little extra time in your day to feel as beautiful as you are on the inside. Whether you stop by the salon + spa or grab something from the retail shop to relax to do a little self care at home. We think you deserve it.