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PENZONE Innovation Team 04.8.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

We’ve curated a collection of wellness products + services to help you be the best version of you. Think weighted blankets, meditation and massage tools, sleep masks and more. Read on to learn more + find ultimate relaxation. 💤


Hyperice was created to help everyone on Earth move better, live better and be better. We’ve brought in two of their products that truly do just that. Let us tell you more about ’em!


Your meditation superpower. The Core Meditation Trainer helps you relax, focus, and stay consistent. We’ve incorporated this magical moment into our Ultimate Unwind experience to allow you to try before you buy and also immerse yourself in total relaxation.


Looking to give your muscles the relief they’ve so desperately been craving? We’ve got you. The Hypervolt is a powerful percussion massage tool, created to relieve tension and stiffness. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue, optimize your workouts + do more of what you love. We’re big fans of using this between visits to our fave Massage Therapist!

good night, sleep tight.


A knitted weighted blanket made to help you sleep better + feel calmer, naturally.

This buttery soft and breathable organic cotton weighted blanket is ideal for all seasons. Medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles, the weight on your body stimulates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases melatonin, which helps you fall (and stay) asleep.


Quench, restore and balance your skin, all while you sleep!


+ Quench Shot: Replenishes moisture levels, leaving skin exceptionally soft and supple.

+ Restore Shot: Minimizes the signs of aging and improves firmness.

+ Balance Shot: Dissolves dead surface cells to reveal the soft skin below.


We’ve curated an entire collection of CBD products to help you get the most restful night’s sleep possible. Pick + choose what areas you need help with more. Balm before bed, bath before bed, whatever it is, we’re here for you.

R & R Salve – Relax and restore from the outside in with our multi-cannabinoid deeply nourishing balm.

Steep Bath Tea – Helps gently lead you to sleep and encourage a more restful night sleep.

Blue Dream Room Spray – A naturally better way to freshen up the room and promote sleep. 

Nightcap Gummies – Together CBN, CBD + melatonin work to get you a good night’s rest.

ultimate unwind experience.

An experience as unique as our new salon + spa where you’re able to take advantage of it. This incredible service is true to its name + allows you the ultimate unwind.

GelColor Mani

CBD Pedicure w/ Core Meditation Trainer

Signature Custom Massage

W*nder Sparkling CBD Beverage

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate spa day or in need of a tool or two to help you relax — we’ve put together a collection that can do just that. Shop online or visit us to scoop these up at your fave salon + spa!