Jade Roller Beauty.

PENZONE Innovation Team 07.1.2019
PENZONE Innovation Team

Jade rollers have been all of the craze on Instagram and by beauty bloggers worldwide. And, for good reason. They’re the perfect product combination focusing on self-care + holistic beauty.

Follow along to get the scoop!

what are the benefits?

These little babes pack a serious punch. They drain toxins, reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen, tighten + firm, tone facial muscles, improve elasticity, plump fine lines, provide jaw clenching relief, headache relief, improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage + more!

how do they work?

Jade rolling encourages wellness in the body by flushing toxins to provide a healthier environment for your cells to thrive.

when do you use the jade roller?

Morning + night! On clean skin, roll over your favorite serum to enhance benefits.

how do you use the jade roller?

You always want to roll outward. For example, start in the inner corner of your eye + roll toward your temple. Your entire face is fair game for the roller. Forehead, upper + under eyes, cheekbones, chin + even your jaw.

can i heat up/cool my roller?

Yes! Cool the stone by placing it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes. Rolling over the under-eye circles in the morning will help prevent darkness + puffiness, because the rolling action encourages blood flow while the cold is restricting.

Heat your roller under warm water, dry with a cloth, and roll over any facial serum to infuse the serum more deeply.

how do i care for my roller?

Each roller comes hand packaged in satin bedding with a satchel + anti-microbial cleaning cloth. The cloth is meant for quick cleanings between use.

It’s best to keep your roller inside of the box, but you can also place it in the satchel for travel + convenience. 

For deep cleaning, we recommend soap + hot water.

how do i decide which roller is best for me?

The easiest option is to talk to your esthi! Tell them what you love about your skin along with your concerns, they’ll be able to find your perfect match.

Here’s a quick lineup + description of our rollers:

JADE | $50 | Traditional harmonizing Qi-booster + inflammation reducer.

AMETHYST | $76 | Collagen + acne expert. Great for addressing active acne breakouts + insomnia. 

ROSE QUARTZ | $68 | The sensitive skin soothing stone of self love. Supports skin regeneration to aid sensitive skin + ease rosacea symptoms.

YELLOW AVENTURINE | $64 | Anti-inflammatory- soothes active breakouts + can help neutralize allergic reactions on the skin.

TIGER’S EYE | $78 |The energy grounding, hormonal acne balancer. Helps with hormonal breakouts generally located on the chin + jaw area.

Now, there are plenty of jade roller companies out there. We’ve tried them, tested them, given them to our friends, coworkers and other therapists to try and picked the best of the best for you. Not only is the Jade Roller Beauty product the best, we feel totally in sync with them. Their mission is to elevate wellness routines by bringing the best in ancient technologies + wholistic skincare. We can get down with that. 

Want to try before you buy? Our Beauty Zone previews Jade Rollers in some of the services featured there! Your Beauty Zone Artist or Esthetician should offer it — and if not, ASK! This is an experience you’re going to want to have!

This blog was informed by Jade Roller Beauty.