Global Keratin Smoothing System

Rosie Designer 04.26.2023
Designer 04.26.2023

GK isn't your typical keratin treatment. I could go right into all the reasons it's my favorite, but let's start with what it is, the science behind the method + why you should get one.

what is gk?

Global Keratin (GK) The Best is a smoothing treatment. This treatment will prevent breakage, smooth frizz, soften hair, reduce drying time, and hydrate + strengthen your hair. What’s not to love! This particular treatment won’t straighten your curls or natural texture either, so you can enjoy the benefits without losing those pretty, pretty curls!

the science.

GK is a Juvexin based keratin system. Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides that protect the hair and restore it back to its youthful state. This type of keratin is non-hydrolyzed and is composed of both large + small molecules. This allows the small molecules to penetrate the inner most layer of the hair, to heal it from the inside out. The larger molecules wrap the outer layer, the cuticle + protect the strand from UV rays and free radicals. SO what does all of that really mean – your hair is being healed from the inside out!

GK Smoothing System by Jordan at PENZONE Gahanna/New Albany

the process.

The GK treatment can take a total of 2-3 hours depending on the length +thickness of your hair. We’ll start by thoroughly washing the hair with a special pH+ prep shampoo and then immediately apply The Best Treatment. The processing time depends on the individual, but could be up to an hour. After being rinsed, your hair is carefully blown dry in small sections followed by a flat iron. The great thing about GK is you can immediately wash the hair or put in a ponytail because there’s no wait time afterward! With your treatment, we send you home with a full size shampoo + conditioner for at home maintenance to keep up that silky-shiny hair!

If you’re someone struggling with frizz. Get GK. Trying to manage dry, brittle hair? Get GK. Need some smoothness + shine? GET GK! With warmer weather approaching, consider getting GK to protect your color from the sun + prevent that hot humidity fuzz. You get the idea!

I’d love to help you experience the benefits of GK. To get to know me better, take a look, here!

Or, get booked with one of my trusty Hair Artists at another PENZONE Salon + Spa. Just give us a call + we’ll get you booked! Here’s to beautiful, frizz-free hair!