Bye, frizz. Hello smooth hair!

Jordan Senior Director 06.26.2017
Senior Director 06.26.2017

Say sayonara to frizz and take the stress out of styling this summer. Find out which GKhair Smoothing System is right for you!

Do you have unmanageable, unpredictable hair? Do you battle frizz, damage and breakage on the daily? Or, do you feel like your hair just lacks that silky, shine that you so want? Say sayonara to frizz and take the stress out of styling this summer with a GLOBAL KERATIN HAIR SMOOTHING SYSTEM service.

GK’s Hair Smoothing System centers around its hero ingredient, JUVEXIN. Scientifically, Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair. What this really means is that this anti-aging protein blend restores the hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Natural oils and pearl extract add moisture to their hair and help achieve optimal hair health. Think young, healthy and vibrant hair.

GK’s Hair Smoothing Systems are designed for any hair type. GK works to smooth kinky, coarse hair –making it entirely more manageable. OR, if you want to keep a bit of that natural wave or curl, GK’s perfect for you, too! The formula can be customized during the service to achieve your specific results. Read on to find which GK service is best for you and your hair type.

GKhair Global Keratin Hair Smoothing System

THE BEST – Global Keratin Hair Smoothing System

GKhair’s “The Best” Treatment rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening the hair. To break it down for you, this treatment reduces stiffness in hair. This reduction (aka – “softening effect,”) causes the hair to lose its natural curl and feel softer. The greater the concentration of the product, along with application of Juvexin, the softer or straighter the hair will become. Hence why that consultation is super important. After it’s application, Juvexin penetrates the hair shaft and delivers important moisture and nutrients to the hair.

On both wet and dry hair, hair is less tangled when brushing – again, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving manageability. (Mission accomplished!!)


  • Keratin treatment designed for any hair type
  • Eliminates fizz
  • Cuts style time in half
  • No wait time for shampooing
  • Gives high shine
  • Leaves hair healthier
  • One formula which can be customized to offer varying results
  • Results last up to 5 months

GKhair Global Keratin Hair Smoothing System

MIAMI BOMBSHELL – Global Keratin Hair Smoothing System

GKhair’s Miami Bombshell Taming Blonde Treatment is your everything is one bottle for blonde hair smoothing! Miami Bombshell is ideal if you are looking for breakage protection, hair repair, and of course, a smooth look to the hair. INSIDER SCHEDULING TIP: To schedule GKhair’s Miami Bombshell service, schedule a regular Global Keratin Hair Smoothing System service. We’ll modify the service during your visit. There’s a slight upcharge due to additional products being used.


  • Keratin treatment specifically made for blonde hair
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Cuts styling time in half
  • Repairs hair from heat damage
  • Reverses damage from color
  • Strengthens hair
  • Silky Smooth Hair Straightening
  • Rids hair of brassy tone that blondes dislike

MIAMI BOMBSHELL – Global Keratin Hair Smoothing System

If you’re a brunette or blonde, if you desire straight hair or perhaps just more manageable curls, GKhair’s Hair Smoothing System could be just the solution you need to make your summer styling a little more enjoyable. To schedule your consultation, CLICK HERE or give us a call at 614.418.5350.

Here’s to smooth hair!