Elevate Your Nails with Gel-X!

PENZONE Innovation Team 07.14.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

Gel-X Nail Extensions are the perfect way to revamp your look! Gel products are used to create your dream nails, all while adding length + strength.

what are gel-x nails?

Gel-X Extensions are a nail enhancement that give the look and feel of an acrylic nail while using gel products from start to finish. With the full coverage tips we use, to the final swipe of polish, this service is all about the gel. This means no smell, minimal dust + a lighter feel of product on the hands! Bonus: it can give nails a longer look or just add extra strength to your nails to prevent breaking + promote growth.

what’s the difference between gel-x + acrylic?

Welcome the press-ons sassy younger sister! Most full coverage nail tips are made from plastic making it difficult to remove properly. However, with Gel-X, the tips are made out of gel, they’re applied with gel and are finished with your choice of gel polish. This makes removals a breeze for both you + your nail artist. Speaking of removal, unlike a traditional acrylic nail, these nails are removed and a fresh set is applied each time. 

what are the steps?

To achieve these beautiful nails there are a few steps involved. First, we’ll do a dry manicure to prep for the Gel-X Extensions. Next, we apply nail dehydrator and primer, then the extend gel. Then, the Gel-X soft gel nail tips are applied. Once completely cured, we file your nails to your desired length//shape, buff the nail + apply gel polish and a top coat to finish the look. Then all there is to do is walk around with beautiful nails for up to a month!

watch the process:

Gel-X nail TikTok

let’s talk customizations.

gel nail extensions

Do you want to experiment with nail art? Do you like a classic French? Or maybe a simple, single color is more your style… All of this is achievable with a Gel-X service. Let us tailor your nails to fit your style — ever changing as it may be! 

We have square, round, stiletto, and coffin shapes but we can always cut down and reshape any tips to your desired length + shape. The best part? Everyone is a good fit for this service! It’s perfect for someone who wants to try out a new shape and length for their nails, while still keeping your natural nails healthy.

Elevate your next nail appointment with Gel-X extensions — we just know you’re going to love it.


Luna + Andrea – your PENZONE Gahanna/New Albany Nail Artist Pros!