DUBLEAKS Vol. 4: Updates From The CP Construction Site

Debbie Penzone President + CEO 11.3.2017
Debbie Penzone
President + CEO 11.3.2017

Get a sneak peek of the inside of the new Charles Penzone Salon in Dublin + learn about a few new features you’re sure to LOVE!

Dear Guests,

So much has taken place since our last DUBLeaks update and we’re excited to share the details with you! Our project team and a handful of our professionals recently took a tour through our space and it’s amazing! The floorplans we’ve been working on for months are coming to life. The spaces and amenities we’ve planned for you to enjoy are becoming vaguely visible as we walk through the space. Right now, it’s just steel beams and roughed out rooms, but when our vision all comes together, we know you’re going to love it.

Take a view of our latest video for an inside look of our construction site:



Our research has been key to building the foundation to what will be the new experience at the new Charles Penzone Salon in Dublin. In our new space, you’ll find familiar aspects that you’ve come to know and love in our existing salon. You’ll also find new areas and experiences that will help take your visit with us to the next level. Our team has been and will continue to pour over these very important details.

With the new Charles Penzone Salon in Dublin, we don’t plan to just open a new salon, we plan to revolutionize the industry – just as we did back in the 90s with the opening of our original flagship. Over the course of the next few DUBLeaks blogs, we plan to share some with you and, keep a few of the amazing amenities a little surprise for you to enjoy and experience after we open.

Finishes and fixtures designed for Penzone Dublin


We’re excited that our new salon footprint will lend itself to unique experiences throughout the salon and spa. Each area will be distinctly different – on purpose.

  1. NEW PENZONE HAIR EXPERIENCE – Our hair area will have a high-energy, fashion-forward vibe complete with a brand new shampoo experience (because, who doesn’t love an amazing scalp massage and shampoo?!).
  2. NEW PENZONE SPA EXPERIENCE – The “Spaaaaa,” as we’re calling it, will have its very own spa lobby. So when you check in, you’ll be whisked away to completely unwind, clear your mind, and enjoy the pampering that you so deserve.
  3. NEW PENZONE NAIL EXPERIENCE – Our “Nailed It” room combines our amazing mani and pedi services in one high-energy community room. You’ll be able to enjoy our amenities with a friend and make sure those hands and feet are polished to perfection.


A FEW SPOILERS (Because you deserve a little inside scoop)

  1. THE BEAUTY ZONE – Within the main space, you’ll find a collection of beauty bars. Think blowouts, makeup, waxing and more! Get beautiful AND be entertained. We know you’ll love it!
  2. TECHNOLOGY ENABLED – Get completely in the know during your visit with us. You’ll interact with more technology – think interactive video

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    loops, promotional videos, and more. These added visuals will make sure you know about all the amazing and new things we’re offering.

    • And speaking of technology, have you heard about our new Guest App? We already got a jump on technology with our app launch last month. Book your appointments in as few as two taps, earn Retail Rewards on your product purchases, and much more. Click HERE for more details!
  3. RETAIL AWESOMENESS – Prepare to get sucked in to a new retail experience. Shop your little hearts out with brands you know and love and maybe a few new ones.

We’re still working towards an official Grand Opening in 2018 and we’ll keep you posted as we have more news. “DubLeaks” Vol. 5 will come your way after the first of the year. In that installment, we plan to share more about what to expect with the new Charles Penzone Salon in Dublin.

With Anticipation + Gratitude,

Debbie Penzone