DUBLEAKS Vol. 3: Pretty, Pretty Progress

Debbie Penzone President + CEO 07.13.2017
Debbie Penzone
President + CEO 07.13.2017

We have BIG updates since our last blog! Get a peek behind-the-scenes and an amazing time-lapse of our build progress.

Dear Guests,

We have STRUCTURE, everyone! That’s right. Our foundation is set and the steel beams that will support the walls of our amazing new salon location are in place. We always believed that this day would come – and now that we see this incredible progress with our own eyes – we’re even more excited to share updates with you. If you haven’t been by in awhile, catch our latest DubLeaks Vol. 3 video. Here, find a behind-the-scenes peek of what we’ve been up to – and, a time-lapse video of our build progress.


(This video features cameos from most of our project team. However, a few key players were unable to join us for the filming of this video.)


In previous posts, we’ve shared a little about the effort that’s gotten us to this point. We think it’s important to share a little more on that front — not only to recognize our team for their diligent work day in and day out — but to reiterate how much careful planning and attention to detail have informed our decisions.



Our core project team meets as a full group at least once a week to discuss project updates, to work through key aspects of design, operations and the customer journey – and of course, to make key decisions. The group of leaders that comprise this team are strategists, project managers, and members from our operations, facilities, training and marketing teams. It’s not uncommon to see anywhere from three to five additional meetings a week to work through specific tactics with specific departments.



We’ve also been no stranger to research. To kick off this entire project, we took a research and discovery trip to LA to explore emerging salon and spa concepts on the coasts. Spots in NY, Chicago, and all across the country were researched to get inspired. We even visited lifestyle brands that we hope for our new concept to emulate. We saw great concepts, great interior design and charted many amazing experiences — all of which inspired aspects of our new salon and spa.



Guest research has also been a top priority. After all, while this is our new salon, it’s YOUR new salon, too. We’ve had several intimate interviews with existing guests and have even surveyed all who would participate (and there were A LOT of you – thanks for that), to gather feedback on beverage preferences, technology preferences, and much, much more. This feedback has been incredibly helpful as we continue to make key decisions related to how the new salon will function for you.



We’ve also kept our professionals in the fold for this entire journey. Focus groups and huddles have been key to making decisions about the floorplan, functionality of fixtures, and overall delivery of services. And really, we’ve just scratched the surface. We’re getting ready to dive into one of the.most.important. aspects of this project – the guest experience. We plan to spend a lot of time working with our team to uncover a few key aspects:

  1. What would guests like to see in their salon or spa experience?
  2. Are there interesting and unique ways to deliver services to guests?
  3. What is innovative and new? We aim to be at the cutting edge of what’s next.
  4. If you have anything insightful you care to share, shoot us an email anytime at comments@charlespenzone.com. We’re always listening!
Inspiration for the NEW Charles Penzone Dublin.

Floors, furniture coverings, beautiful wall details + more. Get inspired by some of the colors, patterns and textures that you’ll see in the new salon!

For a few more updates, watch my latest visit on Daytime Columbus with the amazingly talented (and amazing guest of ours) Robyn Hanes. We talk a bit more about progress and our anticipated open date. We’re still working towards an official Grand Opening in 2018 and we’ll keep you posted as we have more news.


“DubLeaks” Vol. 4 will be a look into the amazing new amenities and offerings that will be available in the new Charles Penzone Dublin. Many more exciting and beautiful announcements to come!


With Anticipation,

Debra Penzone