Beyond Beauty: Now Offering Yoga at PENZONE Polaris

Colleen Gallick Luminary at L I T Life + Yoga 01.27.2020
Colleen Gallick
Luminary at L I T Life + Yoga 01.27.2020

The benefits of yoga are immeasurable. Read on to see how yoga (now offered at PENZONE Polaris) can help you improve your life -- from the outside in!

Yoga is a practice of connecting. Connecting our breath to our movements. Connecting our minds to our bodies. Connection of people who all show up for different reasons but who commit to giving themselves the attention that usually is given to dozens of other things.

These connections can be challenging to make since our minds are chronically noisy with thoughts and our brains are even busier- constantly taking in sensation, monitoring feedback and making choices. Yoga is the work of noticing all this happening and hearing all the thoughts we have and then making the choice for ourselves of what is worthy our attention. The more we practice anything, the easier it becomes and the same is true in any yoga or meditation practice. The choice to take a deep, calming breath is always available to us but it’s easy to forget to breathe while stressed or challenged- so we practice on our mats.

The different styles of yoga each offer unique challenges to breathe through but each class will end in a restful final pose for a chance to enjoy stillness and meditation.

Yoga Schedule at PENZONE Polaris:

And now, a little about each of our class offerings at L I T x PENZONE:

L I T Flow + Mind at PENZONE

The movement in the first half of class is to prepare to sit in meditation before your final resting pose. If you’re looking for a place to start a yoga practice LIT Flow pairs feel-good movements with deep breath and is perfect for when you’re in the mood to move.

L I T Dynamics at PENZONE

For a more powerful practice LIT Dynamics will have you standing on one leg, spending time in lunges and planks, and building heat through quick transitions.


The compliment to any powerful practice is ReLIT, a restorative option for slowing down with long holds in deep stretches to soften connective tissues, release tight muscles and to deepen awareness.

L I T Barre at PENZONE

L I T Barre is a fusion of ballet, yoga, and pilates (no previous experience needed). You’ll experience a full body workout full of squats, core work, and a whole lot of shakes. Come to be energized + leave ready to take on your day.

For our full schedule, visit In the “all rooms” drop-down, find the filter for PENZONE Polaris.

This offer is valid for first-time students, only.