Winter Self-Care 101

PENZONE Innovation Team 01.9.2019
PENZONE Innovation Team

It’s that time of the year. The time when the winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair, skin, and nails. Fear not! We’ve teamed up to put together a quick 101 on how to avoid those winter beauty woes.

winter hair care tips.

When the wool coat comes off each day, you may be finding that your hair has a personality of its own – sticking up in every which way.  The reason why is because your hair is dry. It’s really as simple as that – and to be honest – is a pretty quick fix. Andy, Senior Director Hair Artist at PENZONE Short North, has put together a totally doable at-home cocktail to ward off that winter hair static.

Products needed:

Davines Oi All in One Hair Milk, Davines Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist + Davines Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Primer


The Anti-Hair Static Step-By-Step:

  1. Shampoo and Condition with Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Towel dry hair.
  3. Spray 4-8 pumps of Oi All in One Milk into hair* from at least 8 inches away.
  4. Spray 4-8 pumps of Silkening Oil Mist into hair from at least 8 inches away.
  5. Spray 2-6 pumps of Blow Dry Primer into hair from at least 8 inches away.
  6. Brush product through thoroughly with a Wet Brush Detangling brush.
  7. Blow dry with desired brush techniques, using an ionic blow dryer to reduce static and quicken blow dry time.
  8. Finish if desired with a few misted pumps of Silkening Oil Mist.
  9. And voila!

*Alternately, the three products can be sprayed directly into the palm of the hand, emulsified and then pulled through the hair manually. Proceed with brushing product through thoroughly.


And about this power trio of hair products:

Davines Oi All in One Hair Milk – softens, shines, detangles, adds body, controls frizz, and moisturizes.

Davines Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist – softens, shines, conditions, controls frizz, and leaves hair incredibly silky.

Davines Your Hair Assistant Blow Dry Primer – provides texture and heat protection, moisturizes, and quickens blow dry time.

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winter skin care tips.

Between icy-cool temps and whirling wind outside paired with cranked thermostat temps inside, the winter months are notorious for giving your skin a beating. You may feel your complexion is dull, dry, and just blah. Catalina, Esthetician + Makeup Artist at PENZONE Short North, put together self-care steps that will get your skin care routine back on track so you can get back to that soft, glowing skin you rocked all summer long!


Products needed:

Jan Marini Clean Zyme and Skin Zyme, Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Mask, Jan Marini Bioclear Lotion, Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster + Jan Marini Transformation Cream

(Undoubtedly this list is a tag lengthy, but think of it this way, your skin is an accessory that you wear daily and literally cannot take off. Good skin care products are worth the investment!) 



Moisturized Skin Step-By-Step:

  1. Start with clean, dry skin.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Jan Marini Skin Zyme over entire face and leave on for up to 20 minutes.
  3. To remove, apply a small amount of Jan Marini Clean Zyme to emulsify and rinse off with lukewarm water. Blot dry.
  4. Apply the at-home Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Mask. Simply mix together Hyaluronic Gel Cushion (step 1) with Activating Powder (step 2).
  5. Apply mask to the skin in a thick, even layer starting from the bottom of your face and working in upward strokes. Avoid getting too close to the eye area.
  6. The mask will set in 5-7 minutes but feel free to leave on for up to 15 minutes for maximum hydration!
  7. (Spoiler: This part is so satisfying!) Pick a corner and peel! Simply lift off the mask and wipe away any excess with a damp wash cloth. No rinsing needed!
  8. Apply Jan Marini Bioclear Lotion to any blemishes on the skin.
  9. Apply Jan Marini C-Esta Serum.
  10. Apply 1 dropper of Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster.
  11. Apply a small amount of Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream.
  12. Admire your beautifully hydrated and radiant skin!

About the products featured here:

Jan Marini Clean Zyme + Skin Zyme – contains proteolytic enzymes and papain from green unripened papaya. The enzymes target and remove dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Mask – a cooling and extremely Hydrating Mask that immediately gives your skin radiance, removes impurities and helps it appear firmer and plumper. The mask also helps transform dry, dull and dehydrated skin into dewy and glowing radiance. (Pro tip: the product does not adhere to hair so it’s ok if you get it in your hairline and eyebrows. PHEW!)

Jan Marini Bioclear Lotion – resurfacing product that can be used all over the face to reduce redness, acne scarring, uneven texture and large pores. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Catalina used it as a spot treatment on my blemish to help with the redness and scarring. Contains 3 acids: Glycolic, Salicylic and Azelaic.

Jan Marini C- Esta Serum –  great for all skin types. A powerful antioxidant solution that contains Vitamin C and DMAE. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, improves skin texture and hydration.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster – a weightless, greaseless serum that hydrates, smooths, and plumps the skin. You can customize your treatment by applying directly to dry patches and trouble spots, to entire face, or even mix into your favorite skin care products.

Jan Marini Transformation Cream –  delivers deep hydration to skin while helping to reduce signs of aging.


The above step-by-step cuts no corners. If you’re looking for something a little more paired back or doable with your daily routine, just ask! Our estheticians love dropping product knowledge and are always willing to help customize an at-home routine perfect for you.

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winter nail care tips.

Hot off the holiday season of wrapping, baking, dish washing, and car scraping, you may find that your nails and cuticles are in need of some serious TLC. Georgia, Nail Artist at PENZONE Short North, has put together an at-home nail care routine suitable for both the hands + feet.

Products needed:

CND Almond Moisture Scrub, CND Almond Hydrating Lotion and CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Care.



Step-By-Step Nail Care Tips:

  1. Massage a small amount of moisture scrub onto the hands.
  2. Thoroughly rinse with warm water to remove excess scrub.
  3. Apply hydrating lotion and rub all over hands, fingers, and wrists to moisturize.
  4. Finally, apply a drop of solar oil to each nail. Rub into your nails and cuticles.


About the products featured here:

CND Almond Moisture Scrub – exfoliates and removes dry skin.

CND Almond Hydrating Lotion – a silky-smooth hand and body lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a soft, satin feel, and a light almond fragrance. Contains a whipped blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E.

CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Care – this award-winning cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E. Repeated use drives nutrients in deeper, creating stronger, healthier nails, and hydrated cuticle area.


Taking a moment this winter to take care of yourself is not only important, but necessary. All products mentioned in this blog are available for purchase at any of our PENZONE Salon + Spa locations. Stop by to stock up on products and more winter tips + tricks to help you live your beauty!

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