Winter Self-Care 101

PENZONE Innovation Team 02.17.2022
PENZONE Innovation Team

Winter brings sparkling snow + all the cozy feels, but along with that can come dry hair, skin, nails + more. Check out our PENZONE Pros winter tips + tricks so you can keep feeling confident + beautiful all year round!

winter hair care.

The winter cold + dry air can suck the life right out of your hair. It’s important to change up your hair care with the changing of the seasons. Adding hydration + moisture with hair masks and leave-in conditioners are easy changes to your routine, especially if you’re experiencing static! Color Wow Money Masque is a hydrating mask that’ll give you glossy “hair commercial” hair! If you’re looking for something to add into your post-shower routine, the Davines OI All in One Milk is a moisturizing spray that protects your hair from heat, while also adding strength + shine!

If you’re unsure what your hair needs specifically, book a blowout + ask your Hair Artist to add on the FIBRE CLINIX Hair Repair Add On. This service uses a special device that uses infrared technology to scan the inside of the hair structure. You’ll receive instant results and a treatment custom mixed for your hair needs. This customizable treatment is great for all hair types, because of its large range of mixable options to target your specific needs determined in the consultation. The treatment is guaranteed to provide up to 90% less hair breakage, color vibrancy, as well as 48 hour benefits of moisture, anti-frizz, and strength. No more guessing what the right products are!

Rosie | Director at PENZONE Polaris

dry skin – no problem!

Is your skin looking dull and perhaps a little dry? Ah yes, winter has arrived and spring seems far, far away. We’ve got some pro tips to help you wait out winter without looking like you’ve been through it. A little backstory on why your skin gets dull + dry in the winter. Indoor heating AND outdoor cold weather are both dry as dirt. The moisture is literally sucked from your skin! Even drinking alllll the water won’t solve the problem. The way to get your skin to glow is gentle exfoliation combined with a moisturizer that restores the skin’s barrier function. That’s the thing that protects your skin from moisture loss. Trust us: you need that.

Let’s start with what you can do at home. Using an enzyme cleanser + mask combo like Jan Marini’s Clean Zyme + Skin Zyme is ideal. Enzymes gently remove the dead cells from the skin’s surface without harming the live cells. Follow that with Age Intervention Face Cream also from Jan Marini. Age Intervention boasts powerful anti-aging ingredients along with a shea butter base, which won’t clog your pores!

Feeling like you could use moisture + exfoliation but two products are just too many? No problem, Eminence Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate has you covered with a single serum. This product utilizes lactic acid to remove surface dead skin build up + improve hydration. Added bonus: mangosteen (a south Asian super fruit) adds antioxidants plus has an AMAZING tropical smoothie scent.

Letting the pros get you started is a perfect first step. Dermaplaning is both gentle + effective for removing dull dead cells hanging out on the surface of your skin. Side note – if you’ve got a lot of dead skin + just a little time, Dermaplaning is 45 minute service. Now, Dermaplaning is a fantastic service on its own. That being said, if you’re after gorgeous, dewy skin and could use some serious relaxation add a Dermaplane to our Signature Custom Facial. You’ll experience all the benefits of Dermaplane’s mild (but thorough) exfoliation plus steam, neck and shoulder massage + a customized mask. Bliss!

Melody | Senior Master Esthetician at PENZONE Dublin

bye bye dry hands + feet!

It’s easy to use the ‘nobody sees my feet’ excuse in the winter months, I mean nobody is wearing sandals in Ohio, so who cares?! We then start to skip our normal hands + feet maintenance, but alas it’s also a time of year that can cause very dry and cracked skin. For that reason getting a pedicure or manicure in the winter can actually be just as important if not more than in the summer.

Products like our CND Almond Moisture Scrub can be incorporated into both our pedicure and manicure services. It’s a great way to hydrate, gently polish + super-conditions the skin. It features a blend of mineral salts, refined sugar cane, jojoba soft-beads + sweet almond oil. Sounds dreamy enough, right?

If you would really like to upgrade your service for total hydration, add on our heated wax paraffin booties. Paraffin is great way to open pores and to lock in moisture so your skin is hydrated much quicker, bonus it also feels heavenly. You can also pair the scrub with the Almond Illuminating Masque for total self-care. It’s a lustrous, shimmering hand or foot masque that deeply conditions and refines the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. Contains a moisturizing blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. This way you’ll be leaving with feet that look and feel refreshed for the upcoming spring weather! Open toe shoe season is right around the corner!

If you’re the type to put off pedicures in the winter because you don’t want to wait for your toes to dry, or braving snow in flip flops isn’t for you– no need to fear, our gel pedicures can save the day! Zero dry time involved. So you can get all that delicious hydration + get out the door in a timely manner with no worrying about getting polish on your socks! It’s a win-win. 

Zeta | Senior Master Nail Artist at PENZONE Polaris

It’s important all year round to treat yourself + practice self-care, even in those cold + dry winter months. Come on in and let us pamper you! You deserve it.