Pick The Perfect Massage.

Diana Massage Therapist 05.7.2019
Massage Therapist 05.7.2019

Feeling like you need a massage but not sure where to start? Read on to quickly get acquainted with massage services at PENZONE so you can pick the perfect one for you!

Literally everyone can benefit from a massage. But one thing’s for sure – it shouldn’t be stressful to select the right one for you. (That would be kind of against the whole point, not wouldn’t it?) I’ve put together a quick roundup of our massage offerings at PENZONE to help you make your next service selection in a snap.

Ayurveda Massage at PENZONE

What is Ayurveda? It’s an Indian massage to heal the body, mind and soul. The meaning of Ayurveda, Ayu meaning “life” and Veda meaning “knowledge” roughly translates to “knowledge of life” or “science of life.”

Our Ayurveda Massage is a customized treatment combining essential oils with traditional massage strokes. This type of massage focuses on the body as a whole – to connect the physical body, mental body, and the emotional body. This warm oil massage helps balance the mind and body, relax the muscles, and nourish the skin. Ayurveda Massage is great for busy-body types – the benefits will help calm while releasing muscle tightness.

Shira means head and dhara means stream. Our Shirodhara Treatment begins with a scalp and facial acupressure massage then leads into total relaxation. A steady stream of warm oil flows onto your forehead, quickly absorbing into your skin. This massage is for everyone! I would specifically recommend this for people who constantly are over thinking, have anxiety, depression, or sleep problems. 

The Ayurveda Experience, the best of both worlds!

You could combine these two and book our Ayurveda Experience ($140), which is most recommended! Our Ayurveda Experience combines our Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage and Shirodhara Treatment for an hour of balance and bliss. The Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage portion will be 45 minutes of the experience. To top off your zen-ed out state, you’ll experience 15 minutes of a Shirodhara Treatment — that’s 15 minutes of a warm and relaxing oil drip on your third eye chakra.

(READ ON for more benefits of Ayurveda Massage.)

Deep Tissue/Sport Massage at PENZONE

A Deep Tissue/Sports Massage can be for a walker, marathoner, weekend warrior, cyclist, yogi, golfer or anyone with an active lifestyle. The benefits from Deep Tissue massage are plentiful. Anyone suffering from chronic pain, lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, muscle tension and so much more, could benefit from this massage. A series of consecutive massages will help address your concerns in a proactive way if you’re plagued by any of these symptoms.

If you’re looking for a full body massage with focus on certain trouble areas, such as neck or lower back pain, I would suggest our 90-minute Deep Tissue/Sports Massage. If you want the entire service to focus on a certain trouble area, our 60-minute Deep Tissue/Sports Massage is for you. If you’re coming back a second or third time to continue to address a concern, even an Express Deep Tissue/Sports Massage (30 minutes) can do just the trick. In general, Deep Tissue/Sport Massage is one of my favorites because it can be very easy to see or feel results sooner. My recommendation is to be patient. Deep tissue work is a process. 

Therapeutic Massage at PENZONE

Now let’s say you want a little of both those suggestions – relaxing but also some targeted effort. Our Express (30mins), Signature (60mins) and Premier (90mins) Massage may be just what you need. You can select the service duration you have time for, combining the relaxation and results you need.

Here’s how our Therapeutic Massages can be customized:

Express Massage: Enjoy a 30 min restorative break from your busy day with this customizable therapeutic, aromatherapy, TheraStone, rehydrating foot or maternity massage.

Signature Custom Massage: This custom 60 min therapeutic, aromatherapy, TheraStone or maternity massage is guaranteed to have you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Premier Custom Massage: Balance restoration and relaxation with this 90 min service tailored to address your areas of need through therapeutic, aromatherapy, TheraStone or body scrub massage.

Hot Stone Enhancements

Hot stones are amazing! For those who like medium to deep pressure, the heat of the stones help soothingly soften muscles to can get into the muscle. If you’re looking for more relaxation, the heat and weight of the stones can also help. Hot stones are also known to help with insomnia and anxiety. One quick caution, hot stones aren’t for you if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, varicose veins, cancer or are pregnant.

Aromatherapy Enhancements

Aromatherapy combines massage oil with the essential oil of your choosing. After completing your medical history form and talking with your therapist, s/he can even suggest what they think would most benefit you. Aromatherapy can help promote relaxation, help reduce headaches or aches and pains. The oils will absorb into the skin and can have lasting affects up to 8 hours.

Do both of these upgrades sound nice? Combine them! Or add them into your deep tissue as well!

I’m excited to share that with the opening of PENZONE Salon + Spa in the Short North, we now offer massage! And I’m the massage therapist on location! (Click HERE to book with me!) These services are offered by my colleagues at PENZONE Dublin, PENZONE Gahanna/New Albany and PENZONE Polaris, as well.

I hope this outline is helpful as you select the perfect massage for you. I’d suggest that you do your best to work a massage into your routine monthly for body maintenance. If nothing else, massage is an incredible way to show yourself some self-love – you totally deserve it!