Achieve Relaxation + Balance With New Ayurveda Massage Services

Mary Senior Master Massage Therapist 05.10.2018
Senior Master Massage Therapist 05.10.2018

Our new Ayurveda Massage services will be customized to fit your unique personality type. Read on for more!

I’m betting some of you are absolutely thrilled we’ve added amazing new holistic massage services to our menu of services.


For the rest of you who may have heard the word Ayurveda mentioned by friends, colleagues, or even at your yoga studio – but have yet to figure out what it means – that’s what we’re here for! Nearly our entire team of Massage Therapists have been trained in this technique and now know the ins and outs. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the concept and help you understand how it ties into the new services now offered at PENZONE Salons + Spas.


Ayruveda A·yur·ve·da

  • Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.
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Ayurveda + Shirodhara Services now available at PENZONE Salons + Spas.

Now, back to what this means for you. Each of us has a unique physical and mental constitution — a different energy — a different personality. Our new massage services are grounded in traditional Ayurvedic thinking and balance the mind/body connection.


Without getting too far out there, each of us has a dosha. Doshas express patterns of energy that includes our physical, emotional and mental characteristics. If you take a little read below, you’re likely to find a dosha that you relate to the most.

  • Vata – If you’re a Vata type, you’re creative, you’re excitable and you’re easy going with change. Schedules aren’t really your thing. Your sleep habits change each night and you skip meals. You likely love summer and may have skin that’s usually cold or dry.
  • Pitta– Pittas are organized, you live by your calendar. You’re a good leader and have no trouble taking command of a situation if you feel you should. You may have reddish or yellowish skin that’s prone to sunburn. Fall temperatures are most likely your favorite, too.
  • Kapha– Kaphas are hard workers but often find it difficult to get started with a task. You LOVE sleep. Eight to ten hours is a minimum for you and it takes you a long while to get moving in the morning. You prefer moderate weather.


Do you find yourself relating to one dosha over the next? Or, maybe you find aspects of a few doshas that makeup the uniqueness that is you?

That’s where our new massage services come into play. Based on your personality type, our new Ayurveda Massage services will to appeal to that personality.

Through warm sesame oil, aromatherapy and varying massage strokes relating back to those doshas, your body will be calmed and your mind at peace. Your dosha’s balance will be restored, your well-being enhanced, and you’ll feel both grounded and relaxed after receiving one of our new services.

Hooked yet? Read on to learn about the three new holistic massage services available at PENZONE Salons + Spas:

Ayurveda Massage $130

An abundant amount of warm oil is gently massaged into your skin using long fluent strokes. Combined with a calming scalp and facial massage, the nervous system is calmed, circulation is increased, tissues are nourished by the absorption of oil, and the body and mind will be left in a deep state of relaxation and balance.


Ayurveda Back Treatment $65

This rose and sandalwood back treatment will hydrate and balance your skin while gently exfoliating it. Next, a cooling masque will continue to nourish and tone your back. Finally, warm oil is applied using gentle, fluent massage strokes.


Oh, and there’s more. An incredible Shirodhara service rounds out our new menu of Ayurvedic offerings.

Shira means head and dhara means stream. This blissful service beings with a scalp and face acupressure massage then leads into total relaxation. A steady stream of warm oil flows onto your forehead, quickly absorbing into your skin. 

Shirodhara $121

Feel renewed and restored as your service begins with a scalp massage that promotes balance from within. As warm oil gently flows over your forehead and hair, your nervous system will be calmed, lowering your stress and anxiety, easing headaches and promoting more restful sleep. Complimentary, take-home oil is included in this experience.

If you need a little more convincing, the benefits of Ayurveda Massage at PENZONE Salons + Spas are abundant:

  1. Nourishes the entire body—decreases the effects of aging
  2. Imparts muscle tone and vigor to the tissues of the body
  3. Imparts a firmness to the limbs
  4. Lubricates the joints
  5. Increases circulation
  6. Stimulates the internal organs of the body
  7. Assists in elimination of impurities from the body
  8. Moves the lymph, aiding in detoxification
  9. Increases stamina
  10. Calms the nerves
  11. Benefits sleep—better, deeper sleep
  12. Enhances vision
  13. Helps hair (scalp) grow luxuriantly, thick, soft and glossy
  14. Softens and smoothens skin
  15. Pacifies Vata and Pitta and stimulates Kapha


We invite you to experience our new holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Ayruveda services are now available at our PENZONE Salons + Spas in Dublin, Gahanna/New Albany and Polaris. Shirodhara is also available at Dublin and Gahanna/New Albany and will roll-out at Polaris on May 21st.


Balance and relaxation await you! Book your service, today!




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