PODCAST: Redefining a Brand with Jena Huffman

PENZONE Podcast 02.24.2020

Jena Huffman shares how we transformed from The Charles Penzone Salons to PENZONE, redefining the salon experience in the process.

What does the new salon feel like? 

What does the salon of tomorrow look like, sound like, taste like?

As PENZONE Salons + Spas celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, these were the questions we were asking ourselves. We wanted to do something big to celebrate, and we wanted to do more than just a rebrand.

We wanted to redefine the salon experience — again — and we wanted to be really intentional about it.

Some marketing experts said we were crazy to take a 50-year-old brand and change the name, change the logo, but our vision of the future was so different from anything we’d done in the past. We had evolved over the years, and when we were honest with ourselves, we knew we had to acknowledge that. But the further into the process we got, we started to see that this definitely wasn’t a mistake — PENZONE was an opportunity.

And our guest today, Jena Huffman, led the team of creative individuals who turned that vision into a reality.

But that’s not the only reason we’re talking to her today. Jena is also reflective of the wonderful, mindful, high-vibrational people who’ve joined our tribe over the past few decades, and she’s just the kind of person we’re trying to celebrate and serve at PENZONE.


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