PODCAST: Life + Beauty From the Outside In

PENZONE Podcast 02.5.2020

Introducing PENZONE’s premiere podcast, From the Outside in, hosted by President + CEO Debbie Penzone.

At PENZONE, we want everybody and every person to feel beautiful, welcome, and at home — and this podcast will allow us to reach beyond our Ohio community and share that message with the world.

With Debbie Penzone as our guide, we will go behind the scenes of everything PENZONE — salons, spas, barbershops, and yoga studios — to immerse ourselves in holistic wellness, self-care, and the community that has supported us for over 50 years. Debbie is going to take the brand and bust it wide open, revealing the people that are at the heart of everything.

We will be publishing new episodes every Monday, starting next week, with the one and only Charles A. Penzone. Debbie and Charles sit down to discuss the PENZONE origin story, their love story, and the community in Columbus that has made our success possible.

Wherever and whoever you are, we invite you to experience life and beauty from the outside in.

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