Hair Color: The Trendiest Techniques

Jordan Senior Director 02.19.2019
Senior Director 02.19.2019

You've spent hours scrolling through Pinterest for the perfect picture to show your Hair Artist. Now it's time to be able to talk the talk. Read on for a little help picking the service that's just right for you!

balayage + ombré.

These are both on-trend techniques where your hair is hand-painted to give it either a subtle, natural looking highlight or a dramatic brightening of the hair ends. This is ideal for someone who wants low maintenance upkeep and flawless grow out– I mean, who doesn’t?! 😉


all over highlights.

One to two different colors are weaved into your hair. Hair is placed into foils to create exact color placement. This is ideal for someone who wants highlights up to their scalp and for someone wanting to blend their grey.


grand highlights.

Think “all over highlights”, plus a little extra. One to three colors are weaved heavily into your hair. Hair is placed into foils to create exact color placement and achieve highest coverage. This is a go-to service for bright blondes and those looking to blend their grey.


partial highlights.

One color is weaved into the top of your hair, providing minimum coverage. First-time highlight guests look no further, this is the service for you!



One color is placed directly to to your head to provide full coverage. If you’re looking for all over grey coverage or solid colored hair, we’ve got you.


color + highlights.

Color is applied to your scalp AND foils are placed into the hair to create a multidimensional hair color. This is ideal for grey coverage, bright blondes and those looking for a little more dimension.


igora color10.

This service was made for those on-the-go. One color will be applied to your scalp in an accelerated service. The color will deposit faster than traditional color allowing you to get in and out of the salon all in an hour. This service isn’t for all hair types, so we do require a consultation beforehand!


color craze.

This dramatic add-on color service places a fashion shade (pink, purple, blue, you name it!) over pre-lightened or blonde hair. It’s perfect for those going for a dramatic color or even if you’re just looking for a fun POP.


I’d love to be your perfect match, so I’ve included pictures of each of these techniques, below. Take a look + get scheduled with me, today!