“Nailing” The Trends. (Quite Literally!)

Falyn Licensed Nail Professional 02.12.2016
Licensed Nail Professional 02.12.2016

From lines, to glitter, to lace, read up on the most lovely nail trends as seen in our salons.

Wedding Season Style

As wedding bells are ringing this Spring, having a perfectly polished manicure is a MUST. As a standard rule of thumb, I always like to say that a bride should make sure her nails resemble her personality, and of course compliment the dress, flowers and the bling.

A traditional French manicure is safe and always gorgeous. But if the bride is wanting a little something more, a little glitter, lace, ombre or even a couple of jewel accessories are great ways to step up the nail game. And remember, SO MANY wedding day photos focus on the hands. Make sure they’re just right. (And, get that guy in for a little MANicure. Nobody’s got time for scraggly cuticles.)


Go Bold(ish) With Glitter

You may think the glitz and glam of glitter is not your thing, but surprise! Today’s subtle trends with glitter may just win over your heart! Adding a touch of glitter can make the most basic and simple mani or pedi sparkle. Literally! This year’s most popular glitter trends feature a French tip in glitter, ombre, reverse ombre or even a party nail.

Lines, Lace, and Lovely Modern Looks

Modern nail looks are very simple but can really WOW! I like to use lines to help make the natural nail look longer, wider or just to add a little detail. A half-moon on the cuticle or the single eye dot at the bottom or top of the nail can add just enough of today’s lovely trends. A lace detail is always lovely. And for the biggest statements of all, metallic lines, colorful half-moons and tribal looks are for all the rage! https://www.instagram.com/p/8A0uKBC86C/

Feeling like you want to up your nail game with one of the trends you see here? I’d love to meet you! To schedule with me, click HERE!

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