PENZONE Innovation Team 08.20.2021
PENZONE Innovation Team

So, you've been to our salon + spa. Spent hours with us perfecting your color + getting that perfect cut. But, do you know the 4-1-1 on what we're using on your hair? Let me introduce you to -- IGORA ROYAL!

Now, the color isn’t new, but the packaging is, and there’s a lot to celebrate with that. As you can imagine, we go through quite a bit of color doing what we do, which is why we couldn’t be more excited that IGORA ROYAL is now made with more sustainable packaging. But, how much more sustainable is it, really? Well, I’m glad you asked!


🌱 Tube = 100% recycled aluminum (saving 350 tons of virgin aluminum per year)
🌱 Cap = 80% recycled plastic (saving 80 tons virgin plastic per year)
🌱 Folding Box = 96% sugarcane paper (saving 340 tons virgin paper per year)

the magic behind the message.

We’re big fans of partnering with brands that not only produce superior products, but care about their impact on our environment + their relationship with our Hair Artists. IGORA ROYAL recently rebranded with a very important message for our team — Be the colorist you want to be. Be Curious. Be Mellow. Be Bold. Be Safe. Be Neat. Be Punk. Be Blue. Be Pink. Be Old. Be Young. Be You. Be the best you can be. Now that’s a message we can get behind. We love encouraging each of our team members to be their own unique selves, just like our guests!

igora royal caravan tour.

As we’ve pointed out, we’re big fans of our team members, and love the opportunity to encourage them to grow. Bringing world class educators to the salon + spa is something we always strive to do and we couldn’t have been happier to partner together with the Schwarzkopf team (the producers of IGORA Royal!) to bring Linh Phan on location.

Linh, better know as @bescene to his following, is a world class educator who stopped by to teach our team how to make your hair the best it can be. They talked tips, tricks, trends, cuts, color, you name it, they know it. Take a look behind the scenes to see what the day was all about.

Tent at the event reading: Together. A passion for hair. Two custom teeshirts from the event and the #BEIGORA Van.

our schwarzkopf ambassador team.

A group of PENZONE hair artists standing together.

our future team members.

A group of new PENZONE stylists sitting together.

the dream team behind all the magic.

Debbie and Charles Penzone sitting together.

And most importantly, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for trusting our team to help you achieve your confidence and live beautifully from the outside in. Feeling inspired after all this hair color chat? Get booked with us! We can’t wait to see ya.