Photo Shoot Team 03.19.2021
Photo Shoot Team

Read on to see what’s trending for Spring//Summer '21.

This season, we’re leaning into INSPIRATION. Let’s all agree that 2020 left a lot on the table in terms of creativity + self-expression, but the good news is – we’re so close to having all of that behind us. Our PENZONE pros are leading the way, bringing all the inspiration + trends to Columbus, OH-IO. And we’re so happy to see our guests are here for what’s fresh + what’s fun.

This season’s collection is all about embracing individual, unique beauty, self-care and a renewed focus on the brighter (+ trendier) days ahead.

One more quick note – yes, the crew featured here are real PENZONE guests styled by our real PENZONE artists. Keep an eye on our IG to get to know this fun crew more over the coming weeks.

from the penzone perspective, here’s the styles defining hair for spring//summer 2021 season.


If you’re feeling like you need something fresh without losing length, bangs are a great way to get there. Like most current day trends, this style is a nod to the 70s. Curtain bangs can be worn on any face shape, because they do just that – frame your face with the most perfect, unique-to-you, wispy + textured swoop. Commitaphobe? Not a prob. Curtain bangs aren’t a full commitment because they can be tucked behind your ear.


Quarantine left our hair some kind of a way – LONG. Being cooped up without a cut for way longer than we wanted may have enlightened you – maybe you like your long length. If you’re rocking the locks, consider a center part to transform your cut into a new style. And if you’re not born with it, one word – extensions. (And yes, we’ve got a whole crew certified to help you get the length you’re after.)


We saw this trend in 2020 and it’s carried on to this new season. This one-length cut is simple, yet chic. The best part – it can be worn short or as long as the middle of the back. Paired with a middle part, the style is a chameleon in that it can be worn stick straight or wrought with waves. This cut is perfect for those with straight or finely textured hair.


Don’t let stereotypes influence you – the modern day mullet is ultra-trendy + way cool. We’re seeing less severe versions of this throw-back style with a ton of layers to create a textured, lived-in look. Think softer, feminine edges, movement and face-framing layers. Not convinced, take a quick peek out our rockin’ model, Stephanie. Yeah, she’s in her 50s. And we couldn’t think of a more fabulous look for this spunky, spirited lady.

This look’s good for the guys, as well.


The tried-and-true bob is holding its place in the lineup this season. Blunt, bouncy, or even waved, there are so many ways to wear this look and make it your own. Bangs, no bangs – traditional color, fashion shade – there’s so many ways to find your personal style and wear it well.


Embracing and celebrating your natural hair texture is always in style, but this season, it’s all about really showing your curls! Working from home has allowed us the opportunity to take a break from the heat and focus on the health of our hair. Work with your stylist to evaluate your face shape, texture, and how you part your hair to decide a on a cut that really allows those curls + coils to bounce free.


The effortless ease of balayage has kept this color technique tops for many. For those unfamiliar, balayage is a highlighting technique where your hair artist paints color directly onto your hair, creating a more natural and blended color. This trend is a simple upgrade to any solid color, and it’s low-key maintenance makes it a fan fave.


So many are wanting to amp up the inspiration this Spring + Summer. A sure fire way to do this is by taking the creative plunge and going for a fun fashion shade. There’s so many ways to do this – and to do it well. For those dabbling into the color, consider getting a fashion shade woven throughout – as more of highlighted technique. A step further would be an all-over fashion color. And even beyond that, consider a Fashion Split Shade where half of your hair is one color, while the other half is another.

from the penzone perspective, here’s the styles defining makeup for spring//summer 2021 season.

Since masks are still a part of our lives on the daily, makeup routines have been modified to accommodate. To minimize breakouts (the ever-dreaded maskne), think minimal makeup under masks. It’s as easy as that!


As people begin to reemerge into the social scene, fresh, glowy-looking skin is what we’re seeing. Think a tinted moisturizer – allowing freckles to peek through. And if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, SPF SPF SPF!! Be sure your routine includes a daily sunscreen. It’s the surest way to maintain a youthful look.


Brows are THE defining feature of your face. Trends over the last several seasons have indicated the fuller, fluffier brows are what’s in. To us, this makes a lot of sense as mask-wearing only allows the upper portion of our faces to be on display.

Use a brow pencil or powder to define your arch and instead of combing them over, comb your brow hairs up to mimic a fuller looking brow.


Who doesn’t want that fresh-from-vacation glow as we head into the spring and summer months? Accomplish it with a one-two punch of highlighter and blush.  


Absence makes the heart grow stronger. That’s definitely the case here. With the 2020 break from lipstick, we’re seeing bold, bright lips make a big return this season. It’s amazing how a bright lip not only puts extra pep in our step, but also how it helps pull together an entire look!

Assembling this lineup of hair and makeup trends, alongside our artists, reinforced so many things. 1) We love what we do. Being on set reignited our passion for this industry. 2) Our guests are the best! And 3) We’re all ready for some fun this season. Here’s to brighter (+ trendier) days ahead!

Feeling inspired? All these looks are created by one of our ultra-talented PENZONE pros. Get this look at any PENZONE Salon + Spa near you.

Let’s give it up for our PENZONE team:

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Photography: Allie Lehman, The Wonder Jam

Video: Bobby Jocson, MVMNT Video