FOREO 09.10.2020

Meet FOREO-- Our newest at home facial treatment. Experience the beauty of innovation + transform your complexion with UFO.

Hi– it’s so nice to meet you! We wanted to take this chance to introduce ourselves + let you know a little more about the newest retail product you can find at a PENZONE Salon + Spa near you!

Our goal at FOREO Sweden is to empower our customers to face their individuality. Simply put, be you, not them! We develop top beauty tech innovations to help you achieve a holistic view of self-care. We’ll help you simplify your routine, excite you to turn that routine into a vibrant ritual + inspire you to look at self-care as part of your wellness journey. We realize when you feel confident + healthy in your skin, your joy shines through to inspire others even more! Now, let’s talk a bit more about what you’ll be seeing at PENZONE.

what is ufo?

UFO is one of our flagship facial treatment devices in what we call our “Power Masking” range. The first of its kind on the market, UFO is a powerhouse device that takes the traditional sheet mask + amplifies its efficacy in a fraction of the time. In just 90 seconds, you’ll experience a spa-level facial treatment that includes thermotherapy or cryotherapy, T-Sonic​™​ pulsations and LED light therapy. The device perfectly pairs with one of our luxurious Korean-formulated UFO Activated Power Masks using the FOREO For You app. With the app, you get customized guided treatments that simplify the experience. Your at-home skincare maintenance will be ​almost​ as enjoyable as being at the spa itself. We’re talking total zen.

ufo activated power masks.

Let’s start off with a skincare product everyone is familiar with– sheet masks! We specially formulated the compact UFO Activated Masks to pair with the UFO facial device to address certain skin concerns. The best part, there’s no more waiting 20-30 minutes for your full-face sheet mask to absorb. With the UFO hyper-infusion technology, the treatment time is cut into a fraction of that, making it a perfect companion for travel, gym or at home. That’s right, you just need 90 seconds for you facial dreams to come true.

We offer a variety of facial masks to address different skin concerns so you can get exactly what you need. Have dehydrated skin in need of deep hydration? The H2Overdose mask is a perfect fit with its Hyaluronic Acid and Aquaxyl​™​ ingredients to plump + hydrate the skin. Looking for a daily facial mask treatment to help block pollutants and environmental stressors? The Make My Day mask protects your skin with its Hyaluronic Acid + Red Algae ingredients. A PENZONE esti would be happy to help you pick the perfect facial mask!

four facial treatments in one device.

  1. UFO is based on hyper-infusion technology. That means it uses thermotherapy to open up pores and infuse mask essence into the deepest layers of the skin. Self-care tip! The thermotherapy in UFO is also great for soothing menstrual cramps. Place a thin cloth over the lower abdomen + use the app to customize the treatment and gently glide the UFO above the cloth whenever needed.
  2. Cryotherapy shrinks the appearance of pores and provides a firmer looking complexion. Self-care tip! The cryotherapy in UFO feels AMAZING after a day spent by the pool.
  3. T-Sonic pulsations deliver a stimulating facial massage and boost the skin’s radiance.
  4. Full-spectrum LED light therapy helps your skin reap the benefits of the different RGB light wavelengths.

the proof.

You may be asking yourself, “This sounds fantastic…but does it ​really ​ work?”

Since the market had never seen a device like this before, we wanted to prove to customers that UFO can deliver on its impressive claims. We hired an independent 3rd party research lab to conduct a study that focused on the overall efficiency and skin improvement of UFO Activated Masks with UFO devices versus the UFO Activated Masks alone. It was conducted over a 28-day period and it involved 24 female subjects aged 18 to 35. The study found that the device indeed improved skin’s overall appearance. It was more effective than the sheet masks alone and it delivered immediate and long-lasting moisture. Additionally, the device proved to be a great anti-aging tool by significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles in just 7 days.

We created UFO with skincare lovers in mind, that means YOU! It truly is an effective way to maintain your skin’s health and radiance between spa appointments in one stylish portable device. We know you will absolutely love our masking powerhouse device, so make sure to visit a PENZONE Salon + Spa near you to learn more about UFO and to try it for yourself. Here’s to having many healthy and relaxing self-care days ahead of you!