New to PENZONE: Motive CBD

Kelli Aquila Motive CBD Marketing Coordinator 09.3.2020
Kelli Aquila
Motive CBD Marketing Coordinator 09.3.2020

New to PENZONE: Motive CBD! Read on for an inside look at the topical + consumable CBD products we're now carrying at PENZONE.

what is your motive?

Hi! I’m Kelli – the Marketing Coordinator for Motive CBD, and this simple question is the reason we exist.

Discomfort is a part of life – something we all experience from time to time, or unfortunately for some of us, all the time. Motive CBD was founded by a family with several discomforts and a strong motive for finding relief. John’s motive was to ease feelings of nausea so he could spend more time with family. Linda’s was to stay pain-free so she could keep up with her grandchildren. Corey wanted to recover faster after daily Peloton rides. And Kelly was dealing with inflammation associated with an old college athletics injury. As they learned more about CBD, tested products and talked to experts, they started asking everyone they met about their discomforts, and how a product or brand could help them. Now I talk to people every day about their motive for feeling better, and there really isn’t anything better than when they come back and tell you they do. 

So before we go any further, let me ask you… what’s your biggest source of discomfort? Maybe we can help.

topical cbd.

  • Do you ever come home exhausted and sore after a long day on your feet?
  • Ever struggle to do something you love because your joints ache?
  • Ever skip a dog walk or bike ride because your body is too tired?

If you can point to where it hurts, we recommend a topical CBD productMotive CBD Sports Cream, Roll Ons or Topical Balm! Applied topically anywhere you hurt, as often as needed, these products provide fast-acting, targeted relief of aches and pains.

consumable cbd.

  • Do you ever have trouble sleeping through the night?
  • Ever feel too anxious to enjoy the positive things in your life?
  • Ever wish it was easier to keep up with your kids?

If you’re looking for overall mind-body support, try a consumableMotive CBD Fruit Chews! The bloodstream absorbs CBD through the mouth, providing positive effects to support total-body wellness. Great for: recovery, anxiety, sleep and mood.

no miracle cures here.

As a former high school teacher, I live for the “ah-ha” moment: when something complex finally makes sense. I’ve been working in the CBD industry for 18 months, have watched, read or listened to all kinds of experts, and until last week still didn’t feel like I could explain why or how it works. My ah-ha moment was thanks to a metaphor from a spectacularly intelligent person who finally made it seem so simple. Here’s to hoping it does the same for you.

A few essential bits of info first. I’ll keep it brief, in case this is the stuff you already know.

  1. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring, non-intoxicating Cannabinoid (chemical compound) in all kinds of plants and even inside the human body.
  2. Inside the body, Cannabinoids are called Endocannabinoids (“endo” is Greek for within or inside). You even have an Endocannabinoid system: a network of molecules, receptors and enzymes throughout the body, specifically intended to interact with Cannabinoids, that regulates a number of important processes.
  3. CBD is not THC (Marijuana). They’re both Cannabinoids, but they have different properties and different effects within the body. CBD is 100% federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill, and CBD has no psychoactive effects, no feelings of intoxication and no “high”.  

So that’s the basic science, but is it enough to help you understand what CBD really does inside your body? No. What if you had to explain it to someone two weeks from now? Tough. The metaphor helps, I promise.

it’s metaphor time.

Imagine the buffering symbol pops up in the middle of your favorite Netflix show. You know what that symbol means: maybe your WiFi went down, maybe your three kids are simultaneously e-Learning and you’ve maxed out your bandwidth, but something is interfering with the system, preventing your show from getting to your TV screen. So what do you do? Get a bit frustrated, maybe throw something, then trouble shoot. Reboot your router, restart your Apple TV, kick one of your kids off the WiFi – you have to do something to remove the interference and restore the system.

Do you see where I’m going yet?

Now imagine your nervous system like your home technology system. Your brain sends information to every part of your body, which regulates every human function. Just like WiFi issues or limited bandwidth can disrupt your show, stressors like pain and inflammation can disrupt the normal flow of information through your body – there’s just no buffering symbol to alert you to the issue. CBD experts believe CBD works naturally within your body to help remove interference and restore your system, so your body can function and heal itself the way it should.

What do you think? Pretty good, huh?

why motive cbd?

If you’ve managed to make it this far, thanks for sticking with me! I’ve never been able to write anything brief. Here’s the stuff I probably should have put at the beginning, but education is more important to us than branding. Want to learn more about what CBD can do for you? We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust.

  • We’re local (Westerville!), family owned and operated, and care about our community and customers.
  • We use 100% all-natural Hemp-derived CBD – grown and processed in the US.
  • All products are federally legal per The Farm Bill Act, containing less than .3% THC.
  • We use only high-quality ingredients, organic whenever possible. No gluten, no heavy metals, no pesticides. Always cruelty-free.
  • All products undergo consistent and rigorous third-party testing to ensure safety and efficacy (COAs available on our website –!)

Thanks for your time! I can’t wait for you to stop into a PENZONE Salon + Spa near you and scoop up some Motive CBD.