L’ANZA Wellness: CBD Infused Hair Care

L'ANZA 10.13.2020

L'ANZA Wellness - A NEW CBD-Infused Hair Care Line!

We’ve brought you a CBD collection of skin, body + ingestible products, but now it’s time to do what we do best, and focus on your hair care!

Our tried + true brand, L’ANZA, just launched their brand new L’ANZA Wellness line. You’ll find a shampoo, conditioner + soothing serum in this collection. Read on to get the inside scoop!


cbd revive shampoo.

Hair Benefits

• Rehydrates, leaving hair soft + shiny
• Boosts volume + fullness
• Restores fiber integrity, resulting in stronger hair
• Sulfate-free + safe for color

Scalp Benefits

• Reduces oiliness + excess sebum to promote ideal scalp condition
• Eliminates impurities + flakes


cbd revive conditioner.

Hair Benefits

• Provides healthy moisture in a weightless formula
• Delivers vital strength to help reduce hair breakage
• Color-safe formula delivers noticeable body

Scalp Benefits

• Rebalances to soothe + comfort
• Moisturizes to help alleviate dry, flaky, itchy scalp


cbd soothing serum.

Skin / Scalp Benefits

• Soothes skin + scalp
• Quick-acting for immediate relief
• Calming formula delivers vital nourishment
• Leaves skin soft + supple
• Aromatherapy essential oils promote a sense of calm + well-being

If a vegan, sustainably processed, CBD hair care line sounds like it’s right up your alley, give L’ANZA Wellness a shot! You’re going to love it!

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