Hot Stones For Ultimate Relaxation

Melody Kuck Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 07.18.2018
Melody Kuck
Senior Master Esthetician + Makeup Artist 07.18.2018

This just in: hot stones have been added to our Premier Custom Facial and Pedicure services to make them even better. Read up on the benefits here!

We’ve partnered up with our Massage Therapists to make our Premier Custom services even better. Repeat that – EVEN.BETTER! We were recently trained by our talented team of miracle workers to learn about how hot stones can enhance our already awesome services. Here’s the scoop.

Picture this — you’re in total relaxation mode. You’re in one of our spa rooms, comfortably resting on a warmed table with silky soft sheets. You’ve consulted with your esthetician and she’s actively working on your skin to help you reach your skincare goals. And there’s more – HOT STONES! The addition of hot stones transforms our Premier Custom Facial into an extraordinary relaxation experience. You’ll be treated to hot stone massage on hands and arms, feet and legs PLUS neck, shoulder and decollete. Not to mention, all the other yummy bits (such as scalp massage and ultra hydrating Dr Dennis Gross mask) already included. Two words — VALUE.ADDED.

And on the Premier Custom Pedi side — same deal. During a foot and calf massage, hot stones are used to deeply penetrate the muscle and promote relaxation. You’ll just melt into that pedicure chair for the remainder of your experience.

What exactly do hot stones DO for the body, you might be asking?

Warm, smooth stones are used to massage the muscles nearly anywhere on the body. The heat from the stones penetrates the tissue deeply, melting away muscle tension and increasing circulation. This promotes relaxation for the mind and healing for the body…yes please!

Now don’t be sad that the hot stones are only included in the Premier Custom Facial and Premier Custom Pedicure. You can add the hot stones to our Signature Custom services for a mere $8 bucks.  Ultimate relaxation. Done. And, sign me up!

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Our premier experience begins with a skin analysis and consultation to uncover your skincare goals. A customized facial will revitalize and renew your skin. A soothing scalp and face massage, and an extended neck and shoulder massage using hot stones will calm and relax tense muscles. A complimentary specialty mask will be applied, leaving the skin ultra-hydrated. This elevated experience will benefit the skin and the mind. 90 mins



Indulge in the ultimate pedicure experience. Enjoy the choices and amenities from the Signature Custom Pedicure including a thorough consult to allow us to completely customize the service. During a foot and calf massage, hot stones will be used to deeply penetrate the muscle and promote relaxation. Then, choose between an almond illuminated mask or a paraffin treatment to sooth and nourish the skin. The polish of your choice completes this luxe service. 60 mins.