This one’s for her: Introducing Green Lily

Maria Iannarino Director of Copy for Green Growth Brands 02.21.2020
Maria Iannarino
Director of Copy for Green Growth Brands 02.21.2020

Maria Iannarino, guest blogger, CBD expert, and luminary at our very own yoga studio, L I T Life + Yoga, dives into the latest product offering at PENZONE, Green Lily: CBD essentials life-tested by women.

By now, CBD personal care products are as commonplace as insulated water bottles and black stretchy pants. And while most people think of topical CBD whenever they need relief from some kind of discomfort, say from soreness post yoga or stress-induced muscle tension, few are talking about one major thing that CBD can help with: Your cycle.

PMS + Menopause Support – CBD Personal Care Products – by Green Lily.

Enter Green Lily’s Cycle Support collection. This mindfully luxe line-up consists of two PMS-relief must haves, including a PMS Miracle Oil that comes in a chunky rollerball—perfect for hands-free application—and a PMS Warming Cream that helps relax away cramps. Don’t get your period anymore? CBD can help with the symptoms of menopause, too! The collection includes a menopause Miracle Oil rollerball, as well as a Cooling Relief Cream that helps keep night sweats under control.

How CBD works for cycle support:

CBD works by communicating with receptors in your nervous system that are responsible for managing things like appetite, pain, digestion, stress and more. Green Lily combines 100% hemp-derived CBD with other amazing ingredients that are specifically formulated to support the needs of someone’s cycle—whether it’s that time of the month, or that time of their life.

The women who created this brand wanted to make something really personal; a collection of high-quality, purposeful products that support a person’s feminine side—regardless of how they identify or present. Green Lily products celebrate the softness, strength and soul of the divine feminine that is present in all of us.

Green Lily: CBD-Infused Skin Care + More

Beyond Cycle Support, you can indulge your feminine side with a full line of CBD-infused skin care made from premium ingredients, a multi-tasking shave cream that doubles as a moisturizer or one of Green Lily’s signature fragrance rollers—each one with its own distinct precious gem as the rollerball. This is a brand that’s all about details, with delightful surprises at every touchpoint, from the beautiful packaging, to the playful copy that adorns each product. Even the names of the fragrance names are special: Each one is a translation of the female possessive pronoun “hers” from languages around the world, reiterating the brand’s sentiment of inclusion of women and femmes everywhere.

Get in touch with your feminine side with Green Lily, now available at all PENZONE Salon + Spa locations.