Get WOW-ed by COLOR WOW!

Genevieve 07.24.2020

Color Wow hit our shelves in March, just before quarantine. As we get back in the swing of salon life, they're still at the top of our faves list. Take a read to learn more about a few of Color Wow's hero products. And, learn how to incorporate them into your hair care routine.

Let talk about the latest product line to be introduced to our shelves: COLOR WOW. Here, we highlight three COLOR WOW hero products that are very unique to this line. 

What is COLOR WOW?

It is a compact, capsule collection of ground-breaking, problem-solvers for color-treated hair. With that being said, ColorWow features shampoo, conditioner and stylers that are targeted to your hair needs.


COLOR WOW Dream Filter available at PENZONE Salons + Spas

This is a Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover. So what does this mean? Metals and minerals found in tap and well water build up on the hair. This buildup leaves behind a film that dulls, darkens and stains color, and makes texture feel rough. To use this little miracle worker, spray DREAM FILTER on your dry hair and wait 1-3 minutes before you shampoo. This unique spray works like a magnet to remove metals and minerals from hair in under three minutes- no heat, cap or messy mixing required. This powerhouse product is effective on all hair color and types and makes a significant, visible difference on lighter hair.


COLOR WOW Dream Coat available at PENZONE Salons + Spas

Have you ever wanted “glass hair?” DREAM COAT a breakthrough, ultra-light spray for all hair types. This spray tightens and seals each strand with a “waterproof coat.” This process instantly silkens and transforms texture and adds supernatural shine. DREAM COAT also helps to speed up blow-drying time and can last trough 3-4 shampoos. To use, shampoo, condition, hair towel dry and then section the hair. Spray DREAM COAT liberally and evenly on each section of hair. (Word to the wise: if layering in other products apply DREAM COAT last). Blow dry each section with tension to achieve desired look.


COLOR WOW Root Cover Up available at PENZONE Salons + Spas

Are you in the salon every four weeks for a root touch up? Do you sometimes wish you could be in every 2? Or do you have an event that you want to have that extra perfect hair for? COLOR WOW ROOT COVER UP is a product for you. This is a temporary color that stays in your hair until you shampoo it out. The ground breaking mineral powder formula is the first truly effective root concealer that not only covers grey, but has blonde shades that cover dark re-growth instantly. Apply to dry hair. Load up the small end of the brush with powder. Use free hand to pull hair flat/taut against head and press crush down firmly into roots using a “dabbing” motion, starting from scalp and working out. This little babe is the perfect to conceal quarantine hair while you’re waiting to see your fave hair artist.

During your next visit, make sure you ask your stylist about all the other products that COLOR WOW has to offer. I’m sold. I love this line, especially these COLOR WOW hero products, and have been recommending it to all my guests.

Once you give it a try, I think you’ll have happy hair, too. Enjoy!