Debbie Penzone President + CEO 04.15.2019
Debbie Penzone
President + CEO 04.15.2019

The elements of our new concept are an intentional part of our holistic approach to beauty. Earth Day gives us a reason to pause, and think about what we get to do every day – to leave our community and our earth even more beautiful than we found it.

We're thankful today, and every day, for our beloved + precious Mother Earth. Read on for my ode to her.


In nature I see me, and
In me, I see nature.

From the glow of her moon,
To the fire in her sun,
The smell from her fields of lavender, sage and mint,
To the taste of fresh air filled with salt from her sea.

Oh, yes!
In me I see nature and
In nature, I see me.

The grit of her dirt strengthens my mind;
Grounded by her power,
Rooted in her trust,
Infused by her universe,
With Stardust in my soul.

For I am you, and
You are me.

Written in her stars
Our ritual will be.
Bonded as one
For all eternity.

I breathe in and out,
Absorbed by her essence
So pure and free.

Then pause in gratitude,
Bowing before thee.

Our beloved,
Our precious,
Mother Earth is she.