NEW: Tiki Botanicals!

Tiki Botanicals 10.31.2022
Tiki Botanicals

Handcrafted candles and bath + body care products created in German Village.

Hello! It’s so nice to meet you – we’re Tiki Botanicals – the newest addition to the PENZONE boutiques. Take a look below at what products you’ll be able to find right in their salons + spas during your next visit. We just can’t wait for you to give them a try.

magnolia + tonka bean body scrub.

There aren’t too many skincare products that give you a noticeable improvement instantly, but our body scrub can. The scrub is exfoliating with a rich, moisturizing blend of rice bran oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil.

From the very first use, your skin will begin to feel smoother and more moisturized. This scrub is formulated to rinse easily in warm water leaving your skin feeling hydrated without the greasy feel of all oil scrubs.

We’ve created a custom PENZONE scent: Magnolia + Tonka Bean – You’ll find notes of bergamot, cardamom, black pepper, magnolia leaf, white rose, vanilla, amber, and tonka bean.

To use, just massage onto wet or dry skin and rinse under warm water. We recommend using 2-3 times per week!

You can use this all over your body to smooth and exfoliate your skin. Keep a jar in your shower and by your skin for easy exfoliation each time you wash!

white tea + ginger bath bomb.

Sometimes it is all about the scent. Our White Tea + Ginger Bath Bomb is a fan favorite for good reason. The scent has delicious citrus top notes of bergamot and grapefruit with base notes of ginger, nutmeg and a light musk finishing with a kiss of florals in freesia and peony.

This handmade bath bomb doesn’t just smell fantastic, it’s cute as can be. The two-tone scheme in a muted green with creamy ivory is accented with a tiny sprinkling of tea leaves on top.

If you’re a bath bomb newbie, let us give you the inside scoop –

First there’s the “fizzy bomb” element. The citric acid in the bath bomb creates the infamous foaming and fizzing effect. For your skin, citric acid helps to balance pH, open pores and gently exfoliate.

As the bomb foams and fizzes, it will provide beautiful aromatherapy. Not only will your bathroom smell fantastic, but you will as well. The baking soda in the bath bomb is a natural cleanser which means soap is optional for this bath.

Finally, there’s the sneaky little benefit no one tells you about. Did you think the bath bomb was just fizz and fragrance? If so, be prepared to be amazed: these little bombs are filled with natural skin-conditioning oils. The warm water from your bath will finely disperse the oils so that when you get out of the bath, your skin will be soft and moisturized. No post-bath lotion necessary!

sinus soothing shower steamer.

No tub? No problem!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re five or fifty-five, shower steamers make for an incredible experience. They’re the easiest way to make your shower special.

Our sinus soothing scent is an aromatherapy powerhouse. When you need to clear your sinuses, or simply need a scent that will wake you up, this is the one to choose. The scent profile contains all of the essential oils known to help clear those sinuses: eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lemon, frankincense, and thyme. This is the strongest scented shower steamer we carry– it lives up to the name!

To use, just drop one on the floor of the shower. As the warm water hits your steamer, the fragrance will be released and rise with the steam in your shower. Get ready for the best shower ever!

sequoia cashmere body lotion.

Want a lotion that’s hydrating without feeling greasy? Satin smooth with no grainy texture on your skin after you apply it? Yeah, we thought so. That is exactly why this lotion is a Tiki Fan favorite!

Formulated with a nourishing blend of coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, this lotion begins hydrating your skin instantly.

We’ve created a custom PENZONE scent: Sequoia Cashmere – You’ll find notes of cocoa butter, coconut, vanilla, jasmine, iris, bergamot, mandarin, casaba melon, pine, cedar, amber, hay, green leaves, lemon, leather, musk, amber and rain.

river rock + winter candles.

Our amazing 100% soy wax candles are poured in an 8 oz. amber glass apothecary style jar, with a cotton wick, + topped with a black metal lid. No paraffins, phthalates, petroleum or zinc! We’ll be carrying our River Rock + Winter scents at PENZONE!

All of these goodies are available at PENZONE + also online at! We just can’t wait for you to give them a try.