The Grand Salons Fall//Winter 2016 Collection

Photo Shoot Team 10.4.2016
Photo Shoot Team

Our collection of hair, makeup and nail trends by Charles Penzone The Grand Salons will inspire your inner beauty babe.

Fall is a season of change. As cooler temperatures set in and the thought of leaves turning to hues of orange, red and yellow, we all get that flurry of excitement for a fresh start. We know the thought of digging out those cute peep-toe booties, chunky sweaters and cozy scarves are filling your dreams. (Ours, too!) The shake up to your beauty routine should be equally as exciting. This is just the blog to rev up your Fall beauty excitement, so friends, read on!

Here, teams of stylists, makeup artists and estheticians from The Grand Salons have taken their fall vision to reality with our FW16 Trends Collections. Read up on the looks to reinvent your Fall style.





Hair Trends for Fall and Winter 2016

Just a sneak peek of Fall 2016 hair: contoured cuts, 70s looks and embellished details.

Contoured Hair Cuts

“Hello.” Cue women everywhere belting out Adele lyrics from behind the wheel. But for real, none other than Adele herself has inspired one of the staple looks for Fall. The Contoured Cut is a thing that has inspired SO MANY variations of this look. The bob, the lob, the WOB … oh yes – all have been inspired by this famous look. For those of you who need a little tutorial:

  • bob/bäb/ noun – less is more with this look. A true bob is long enough to be styled without requiring too much time and attention.
  • lob/läb/ noun – literally, a slightly longer bob. Get it…lob. This barely-grazing-the-shoulder look is the perfect option to freshen things up with a shorter cut but still results in some length.
  • wob/wäb/ noun – bet you can guess this one. Wob = wavy bob. The wob can be achieved with a bob or lob and offers options to wear the hair with wavy, loose texture. It’s that perfectly effortless look that actually takes some effort to achieve. Good thing we can show you how!

70s Inspired Hair Style

Think ultra-volume and full-fringe looks. These shag hair styles generally show length and different varieties of texture. Curls can be BIG and smooth or just enough to catch the fun associated with this look.

Hair Styles with Color + Movement

Color is EVERYTHING this Fall. Achieve that rich, rooted look with various hair coloring techniques like babylights, balayage and sombré.

Think warm coppers, hues of hazelnut, honey blonde, aubergine and rich, vibrant reds. Even when standing completely still, the hair looks to be full of movement and life. Is any more convincing needed? (Didn’t think so!)

Embellished Details

Braids, twists and petite hair accessories are great ways to change up your look for an occasion or just because you need to shake things up during the work week. Try a full braid, twist or pin back the hair with a few embellished bobby-pins for something new. Trust us – your friends and co-workers will notice.




Fall 2016 makeup gorgeousness. Berry lips, neutral shadows and metallic lids.

Berry-Stained and Rosy-Brown Lips

Rosy-brown lips are a mainstay. They’re easy to wear and perfect for an everyday look. Dabble in berry shades from deep, bright berries, dark berries even purples. This vampy style takes the look from day to night in a flash.

Warm Matte Eye Shadows

These go-to shades complement any skin tone and make the focus right on those eyes.

Metallic Lids

Golds, coppers and shimmery peachy-golds are sweeping the eyelids this season. A touch of gold liner will take any of these looks from day to night in a matter of moments.



Hot nail trends for Fall 2016. Neutral nails, regal nails and turquoise blue almond shaped nails.

Neutral Nail Polishes

The neutral look is here to stay for another few seasons. From taupe to gray, this hue looks hot on nails of any length. And, ties in perfectly with that 70s trend found elsewhere in our collection.

Regal Shades

Much like lips, shades of burgundy, berry and red are trending for Fall. These deep and moody colors read fall and winter. We’re already ready for them.

The Blues

Turquoise, navy and even minty-blues, while cool, are HOT this fall/winter. This range in color will definitely give you the runway to find a blue that’s right for you.

What’s a photo shoot without some amazing collabs? To pull off the looks found in this incredible collection, hours of planning, plotting, scouting, shopping, cutting, coloring, waxing and polishing happened. [Praise hands emoji] to our amazing partners and professionals:

  • Wardrobe Therapy
  • Leal Boutique
  • Honey Rose & K

Photography: Nick Fancher
Video: Broken Lightbulb Productions


  • Kyong
  • Jordan
  • Danielle
  • Kara
  • Brittany
  • Jaden
  • Marnie
  • Sophia
  • Zeta

Over the next several months, we’ll share our professionals’ take on these trends. We hope you’ll feel inspired to consider something new this season. No matter the influence, interpret the trends so that they feel just right for YOU!

Here’s to a fabulous Fall//Winter 2016!